Venus Factor for Women

The Venus Factor System offers the perfect combinations of Metabolic Override Strategies for females to restore Leptin sensitivity as well as control the levels of Leptin that are needed to maximize your potential for burning fat without needing to completely restrict you from eating the foods you most crave.

John Barban created the Metabolic Override Strategies. Barban is a world class biology, physiology and nutrition expert. He has taught Human Performance courses at University of Florida. His entire life has been dedicated to studying the human body and fat loss.

For the last 8 years Barban has been working in the sports supplement and dietary industry where he has researched and developed weight loss and sports supplements.

The Venus Factor allows you to increase Leptin levels naturally and also fight Leptin resistance through incorporating the Metabolic Override Strategies which work to increase your metabolism.

When your metabolism increases, it stimulates fat burning, which results in fast fat loss, which is sustainable.

What Is Included In The Venus Factor System

The Main Diet Program helps with restoring Leptin sensitivity and promoting fat loss in areas that tend to be a problem for females, such as the thighs, butt, hips and stomach. You will not experience any food cravings, your energy levels will soar, and you won’t experience any weight loss plateaus.

The Workout Program helps with toning your body and burning fat faster. The unique exercise program mirrors the female hormonal state. It targets, strengthens and tones areas of the body that typically cause problems for females.

The Virtual Nutritionist tells you precisely what and when to eat over a 12 week period. It will help with increasing your fat-burning metabolism and controlling your Leptin levels.

The Immersion Community ensures you will have a supportive and enjoyable weight loss journey each step long the way. You will have the chance to meet like-minded women in the thousands in this community. John also conducts live coaching calls as well.

The Diet Program will teach you about all that foods that can damage your Leptin sensitivity. During the first couple of weeks that you are on the program, you will amazed with how much weight you lose by simply eliminating soy and process foods from your diet.

The Workout Program offers 143 video coaching sessions with John. They include unique exercises designed to increase your Leptin sensitivity and metabolism, maximize fat loss, and reduce cellulite. All of these exercises can be done from the comforts of home and are not strenuous.

The Venus Factor System does not involve:

  • A grueling and tortuous cardio training exercise program.
  • A back breaking, crazy gym workout routine.
  • A starvation diet that increases appetite and food cravings.
  • A celebrity fad diet which only seems to work for the rich and famous.
  • A magic pill promising overnight fat loss.

The Venus Factor System provides you with a step-by-step, easy-to-follow 12 week female exercise and nutrition plan. You are shown exactly what you need to do to maximize your fat-burning metabolism, which results in a flatter and firmer stomach as well as an overall body that is sexier and fitter.

The Venus Factor System allows you to:

Achieve fat loss on a long-term basis through increasing and maximizing your fat-burning metabolism. The system will also help your body look firmer and smoother, providing you with an overall appearance that is much more attractive.

Prevent weight gain that is diet-induced and maintain a body that is leaner looking with no excess fat deposits. This will result in no more weight frustrations or worries.

Restore your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will have no doubts or hesitations about looking and feeling great in the bikini you have stored away all this time.

Gain the admiration of your friends as they marvel at how attractive looking your body is and wanting to know your secrets. Over time, share the secret. However, enjoy the moment initially.

Clear any confusion you may have regarding why women tend to run into weight loss plateaus much more quickly than men do. You will have the understanding and knowledge of why most diets will not and cannot work to increase the fat metabolism in females. This will save you from returning to that horrible rebound weight gain.

Getting Started With The Venus Factor System

You will have immediate access to the entire system in the Members Area after you join. >> Click Here to Access Members Area

Your access is unrestricted in the Members Area. You can read and download the Diet Strategies, view the Workout Videos and access the Virtual Nutritionist for planning your meals. The Immersion Community will also be available to you for interacting with fellow members, asking questions or joining the live coaching calls with John.

Take advantage of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee offered by John Barban. From the day you join the members area, you will have 60 days to try out the Venus Factor System. Just ask for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the program or your weight loss results. No questions will be asked.

The Venus Factor System has been designed specifically to assist regular women who are trying to lose weight. Take action now. The sooner you start addressing your weight problem, the higher your chances are that you will be able to reduce those unattractive fat deposits that you haven wanted to lose for so long.

What is Metabolic Override?

Many women have been able to develop a long-term, sustainable fat loss program using the Venus Factor System, a lifestyle system focused on diet and exercise. This dramatic that burning mechanism is achieved through a proven method referred to as Metabolic Override.

In fact, the part of the program designed around metabolic override teaches the body’s metabolism to utilize stored body fat as fuel while avoiding recently consumed carbohydrates in the bloodstream. Burning off body fat through an increase metabolism provides more efficient energy for the body when compared to a sugar-based (glucose) metabolism.

Before describing the way that Metabolic Override maximizes that based metabolism, it is essential to detail how Leptin (a recognized fat burning hormone) has a natural ability to control appetite in women struggling to lose unwanted pounds and inches, and keep it off in the future.

The Inability to Convert Fat

It has long been recognized that when the body has the inability to convert fat into energy, it is more challenging to lose weight. Unfortunately, for many years, promotional marketing campaigns have convinced us that consuming fatty foods is the main component for weight gain. Sadly, consuming a diet devoid of any fats has trained the body to burn off glucose (sugars) to generate energy instead. Over time, our bodies have become conditioned to avoid burning fat for energy, even when necessary. Because of that, our bellies, backsides and metabolisms have all suffered.

We now understand that consuming fat will not necessarily create an unhealthy or fat producing system, especially when eating a healthy diet filled with balanced nutrition including fat, carbohydrates and protein. In fact, it is the body’s inability to convert fat into energy that causes us to become unhealthy and overweight.

How Leptin Helps

Research now shows us that Leptin has the ability to help the body burn off undesired stored fat. This hormone, naturally produced by the body’s fat cells, is an essential component that tells us when it is time to eat or stop eating. In fact, the hormone naturally informs the body when fat cells are filled to capacity. This indicator naturally triggers the body to stop absorbing and storing fat from consumed food. As a result, it begins utilizing the fat and converting it into energy.

When high levels of Leptin are present, it will naturally speed the body’s metabolic rate and signal the need to convert that into energy. Alternatively, low levels of Leptin dramatically reduce metabolic rate, signaling the need to store fat.

Lowered Signal Response

Compared to men, women tend to produce double the amount of Leptin in the body. Even so, men tend to be three times more responsive to the signaling sent by the Leptin hormone to convert fat into energy when compared to women. This means that the Leptin and women is not being utilized to its full potential to burn fat. As a result, many females develop Leptin Resistance.

In fact, Leptin Resistance seems to occur when the natural Leptin trigger fails to provide the proper response to the body’s metabolism and other necessary organs. Unfortunately, a resistance to Leptin levels produces an increase of appetite and a decrease of a metabolism stimulated to burn fat. Women that tend to suffer with Leptin resistance often display squishy soft fat pockets resembling “cottage cheese” in problem areas.

What about Dieting?

Unfortunately, following a diet regimen naturally causes the Leptin levels in the body to drop excessively low and too quickly. In fact, through dieting, the body’s Leptin levels are known to drop at least twice as fast and twice as much in women, when compared to men on a diet. When these hormone levels drop at a fast rate, the body’s metabolism quickly slows down, often at a rate more dramatic than its levels before beginning the diet.

This is why many women experience frustrating plateaus in their weight loss program, and often experience an unacceptable rebounding weight gain once the diet has been stopped. In fact, in many women, fat accumulation after dieting tends to pile on much quicker even when cutting back on caloric intake.

Restoring Leptin Response

Natural evolution seems to play a role in making it more difficult for females to lose weight when compared to men. This is likely the need for bearing, nurturing and rearing children. The Leptin signals in women to burn fat tend to be disconnected as a natural mechanism to ensure the survival of future generations. However, by restoring Leptin amounts to more acceptable levels, the body can be reconditioned to burn stored fat for energy.

A Permanent Solution

Metabolic Override has proven to be an effective solution for generating a long-term, permanent fat loss solution for women, because of its ability to stimulate the body’s metabolism to convert fat into energy.

The process of Metabolic Override tends to naturally stimulate the body’s metabolism to convert fat. This gentle conditioning in the body naturally begins burning stored fat to produce energy instead of glucose (sugar).

Restoring Leptin Sensitivity

Women often make a common mistake of attempting to lose weight through “starvation” in an effort to produce fast weight loss. However, Leptin levels can drop too dramatically and quickly slow down metabolism, minimizing the potential to burn stored fats. Alternatively, the way to develop long-term, sustainable fat loss requires a gradual re-conditioning of the body to burn stored fat through better Leptin level regulation and restoring the body’s natural response to its signals. This can quickly and naturally increase the body’s ability to develop a fat burning metabolism and burn off unwanted pounds and inches.

Some of the key components to developing an effective fat burning balanced diet include:

  • Maintain Proper Caloric Intake – By maintaining the proper amount of calories every day, the body can avoid a dramatic reduction of Leptin levels.
  • Minimize Simple Carbohydrate Intake – Consumed refined carbohydrates tend to enhance insulin production, inhibiting Leptin’s ability to send signals to convert stored body fat.
  • Ease Up on Diet Restrictions – Consuming not very healthy favorite foods from time to time can keep the body mentally strong, making it easier to get through the weight loss process.
  • Minimize GI Rated Foods – These types of foods tend to cause a spike in insulin, which will naturally interfere with the function of the Leptin hormone when regulating fat burning and appetite.
  • Consume Good Fats – Eating quality fats in the diet can avoid the potential of developing harmful Leptin resistance.

It is essential to recognize that a balanced diet, coupled with exercise, is an effective way to increase Leptin sensitivity and improve fat burning metabolism. Over time, this can dramatically reduce stored body fat and prevent weight gain induced by diet.

Who is John Barban

John Barban is the author of Venus Factor program for women. He’s a professionally certified nutritionist, world-class expert in diet, biology, and physiology. He has been involved with the fitness industry for over 15 years.

Take a look at his latest interview. He is the real deal!