It’s time to get fit and health!

Hello! my name is Audrey Haines. I was born and raised in Perth, and I am currently living in Sydney. I started this site because I was on a journey to become the best version of myself. I was reading a lot about losing weight and getting fit, online, but all the information was a rehash of some old research. I realised that I need to start experimenting with what I understand to be right and how to take control of my health.

I finished a Nutrition program from TAFE and started to work as a nutritionist. Over the course of time I realised that the real change comes from lifestyle changes and self-discipline. But, lets face it, doing this is hard work so I decided try out supplements to help me get the most out of my daily workouts and diet plan.

I must have tried about forty supplements and write about each in my journal. I collected reviews from my friends who also tried these weight loss supplements and researched online too. After talking to a ton of people I decided to try Phen375 which has been a god send. Not only did I start to lose 3-5 lbs per week steadily, I also started to drop inches of my belly and thighs.

This website is dedicated to telling people about this awesome fat burner that I tried and finally for results from, not only that, there are 2 other supplements that I cycle with Phen375 to keep me losing weight and getting fit!

My dream goal is to have the coveted thigh gap!

I hope that I can help you with your weight loss journey and that this website provides you with useful information on achieving your weight loss goals naturally.

Please share my website on your social media to help me spread awareness about losing weight safely is still possible!


A H.