Jackie O Henderson’s Extreme Diet – Is It Safe?

Jackie O Extreme DietIf you’re living in Australia or closely follow diet trends online, then you might have run into Jackie O’ Henderson’s extreme diet regiment The 43-year old radio presenter recently drew criticisms for revealing her diet plan in the The Kyle and Jackie O Show to her co-host Kyle Sandilands, which prompted him to describe it as a “sad life”!

The plan, while somewhat effective (she lost 10 kg in a span of six months), is seen by most as dangerous and irresponsible.

So what’s this extreme diet plan and why did it earn the ire of so many people and health experts?

The Jackie O Weight Loss Plan

Her foray into weight loss started with a shocking diagnosis from her doctor, which basically told her she was “borderline obese”. She was obviously dumbfounded by the findings, saying she never considered herself obese.

A weigh-in prior to a helicopter ride during a family holiday confirmed her worst fears: her weight was the heaviest it has ever been in. She spent the rest of the trip covered in loose clothes, and started to feel self-conscious of her image since then.

She admitted she was partly to blame, spending the prior months eating nothing but high fat and carb foods. She would even routinely eat heavy meals prior to going to bed.

So she took matters into her own hands and came up with an extreme diet plan.

She revealed that she would skip breakfast everyday, saying she doesn’t see the point of it. For lunch, she would eat just a single avocado. A proper “meal” wouldn’t come until dinner, which consists of chicken breast and some vegetables on the side.

While it did make her lose some weight, health experts and nutritionists instantly criticized the diet, saying it was dangerous and unsustainable. Many labeled it as a “starvation diet”. It also restricts the body from getting essential vitamins and nutrients, and such a limited diet can also possibly disrupt the delicate balance of healthy bacteria in our gut.

Many also slammed her for setting a bad example for her millions of followers on social media, saying that as a role model, she is seen as irresponsibly encouraging eating disorders among women.

She has since defended her comments, saying that her plan was taken out of context and that she does indulge in her favorite food from time to time. But some see that the damage has already been done.

It is certainly not recommended for people to follow this kind of extremely restrictive diet. It’s just plain dangerous and will do untold damage to your body in the long run. People have different dietary requirements, and the best diet is the one that is tailor fit for your own needs and goals. Plus, if you’re genetically predisposed to developing eating disorders, it’s hard to turn it off once it is triggered.

And we kind of agree that it truly is a “sad life”. Food is one of the joys of life that everyone must enjoy, in moderation of course. So the Jackie O extreme diet plan is definitely NOT SAFE!

With that said, is there a better, healthier and safer way to lose weight?

Weight Loss Pills to the Rescue!

Luckily, there is a better alternative – one that doesn’t require you to starve yourself to death!

I’m talking about safe weight loss pills such as Phen375 and PhenQ. These are the leading weight loss supplements in Australia, and are backed by advanced scientific research. Both are proven to be completely safe, natural and without any health threatening side effects.

These pills work by increasing your body’s metabolism, reducing the amount of fat your body absorbs, and suppressing your appetite, so you don’t eat as much.

In other words, you get the fast weight loss advocated by Jackie O in an easy to take, over the counter pill that is safe and doesn’t require an overly restrictive diet.

Phen375 has been around for a longer time, and has a good track record. It contains the powerful fat burning substance L-Carnitine, which transforms body fat into energy. Phen 375 has a weight loss rate of around 3-5 pounds per week. It suppresses your hunger and can even lift your mood, so you don’t feel as depressed while losing weight!

Phen Q is a relative newcomer to the scene but it has shown to be just as effective as the other weight loss pills out there! Like Phen375, it promotes your body’s metabolism so you burn more fat while limiting your appetite so you eat less during the day. It also encourages your body to store less fat so you don’t regain your losses!

These pills are attractive because it allows you to lose weight without exercise. Some people just aren’t capable of working out, sometimes due to health conditions or a very busy lifestyle. Many can’t simply commit to a diet plan. This is a game changer for them!

Of course, if you want to lose weight even faster, then you can combine these weight loss pills with regular exercise and a sound diet plan. Combined, these can be even faster and safer than the Jackie O extreme diet method.

As with any supplement, it’s best to consult with your physician first before taking. Also your results with these pills may vary, as everyone’s body is unique. Track your weight loss progress for the best results!


If you’re looking into losing weight and can’t exercise, or simply want to lose it even faster, an extreme diet plan is never the answer. They are not at all sustainable and will wreck your weight and health in the long run.

The smarter way of doing it is through weight loss pills such as Phen375 and PhenQ. They are the easiest, fastest and safest options in the market!

Plus, it won’t break the bank or kill you in the process!

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