Meshel Laurie’s Weight Loss Journey – Is It For You?

If you’re closely following the Australian comedy scene, you might know who Meshel Laurie is.

If not, then let us bring you up to speed!

She’s a famous comedian, TV and radio personality and recently best-selling author of the books Buddhism for Breakups and Buddhism for the Unbelievably Busy. She’s quite funny and talented!

Meshel weight loss

Anyways, the other interesting about her is her weight loss journey. Specifically, her weight loss surgery

Meshel Laurie’s Weight Loss

In her recent book, she talked about her realizations upon reaching her mid-forties. As an overweight woman, she started having hip problems and other body aches, despite having the energy of a twenty-six year old as she says she has. Exercise was getting harder, and what used to be a trip to the local supermarket seemed like a complete struggle She knew she was in danger of eventually turning from a mid-forty something woman into an immobile woman by her mid fifties.

So in 2016, she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery. This is a medical procedure where the stomach is reduced in size and with it, the amount of food you can eat. Appetite decreases and you lose weight as a result

Gastric bypass surgery is commonly seen as a last result to treat morbidly obese people where a lifestyle change isn’t simply enough or is close to difficult to pull off. For some people it works, as in the case of Laurie. She does feels a little embarrassed by it, as the procedure does carry some social stigma to it. But, as she sees it, she’d rather be able to walk, shaming be damned!

There are a lot more success stories with this kind of procedure, and it has undoubtedly given a new lease on life on some people.

So is it the magic solution for weight loss?

Is Gastric Bypass Surgery the Answer?

While it can do wonders for weight loss, the fact remains that gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that isn’t for anyone, and it shouldn’t be taken too lightly.

For one, it’s a semi-permanent thing. It’s a commitment to a total change not just of your body, but of your lifestyle as well. Some eventually regret the procedure, especially if it isn’t so easy to reverse!

Like any surgery, it has its own host of complications that you have to deal with. Restricting your intake too much can lead to malnutrition and low blood sugar. Ulcers and other permanent damage to the stomach is also a possibility. Be also prepared to experience excessive vomiting or diarrhea. And that is if the procedure works perfectly?

If not, there are worst problems. The band from the procedure can tighten excessively, leading to you not being able to eat at all! Scar tissue can form as your body attempts to reject the band, endangering your health and requiring further surgery to remove.

That’s two surgeries that put you back where you were in the first place!

And the surgery is not a “magic solution” in that you need not do anything further. The fact is that you still need a change in your diet and lifestyle. If you continue to intake high fat, high calorie food, then you still won’t lose as much or worse, gain a few more.

Plus we haven’t even mentioned the cost of the surgery itself, which can reach upwards of $25,000, and this still doesn’t include the constant checkups and follow ups after. This is simply too expensive and out of reach for most people.

As we said, this really is not for everyone.

But is there a better way?

Weight Loss Pills to the Rescue!

Gastric bypass, or any kind of surgery for that matter, is never really the answer.

What is for everyone are weight loss pills!

Hold up, do those things even work? And I heard some are dangerous.

What gives?

Well, it’s true there are a LOT of fake pills out there, and those you should really avoid like the plague. But there is a handful that really are the genuine article – safe and effective weight loss supplements that will get the job done without any adverse side effects.

Like PhenQ, one of the top weight loss supplements in Australia! It is backed by rigorous scientific research, ensuring a completely safe and natural weight loss experience.

The idea behind them is simple – PhenQ work to increase your body’s metabolism to burn off fat and suppress your appetite to make sure you don’t regain them.

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The best thing about this fat burner is that they allow you to lose weight without spending all day at the gym. If you think this is an excuse to be lazy, just imagine trying to lose weight when you become old.

This diet pill give you the power to lose weight, no matter your physical situation!

But with any supplement you take, do consult with your physician first. And remember that everyone’s body is unique so results may vary. Track your progress for best results.


Safe weight loss pills such as PhenQ are the easiest, fastest and most reliable options in the market! They give you the freedom to control your weight and burn off fat regardless of you who you are and what you can or can’t do.

All of this without breaking the bank!

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