Phen375 vs Hydroxycut: A Comparison

Hydroxycut and Phen375 are two of the current market’s most popular weight loss options. However, they are worlds apart regarding their effectiveness and safety. The composition of each is also far from identical. Hydroxycut gets derived from herbal sources, whereas Phen375 is manufactured synthetically.

There was a time that Hydroxycut was a trendy appetite suppressant as it captivated quite a few consumers that were in the market for ‘natural’ answers to their weight issues. However, tragedy struck back in 2009. In the United States, a teenager apparently took too much Hydroxycut, causing a fatal cases of liver failure. That was just one of roughly two dozen instances of Hydroxycut-related health conditions were compiled by the United States Food and Drug Administration. The FDA also recorded complaints of cardiovascular issues, seizures, and even jaundice stemming from other liver damage. One specific complaint cited a muscle condition known as rhabdomyolysis, which is something with the potential to cause kidney failure and numerous other issues, some of which can be fatal. As a result of all this, Hydroxycut got banned from the market.

Reformulated Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut was far from done. A new formulation and look breathed fresh life into the product. Once more, it was available everywhere. In the modern market, consumers can find Hydroxycut in various forms, including drinks, liquid shots, drink packets (both caffeinated and not), liquid caplets, quick-release caplets, and caffeine-free caplets. In every single format though, the original formulation of Hydroxycut can’t be found.

The newly reformulated line of Hydroxycut possibilities is still primarily derived from plants. To make one popular kind of Hydroxycut, the makers obtain garcinia cambogia fruit extracts and then combine them with Gymnema Sylvestre, among other herbal concoctions. Per claims of the manufacturers, the garcinia cambogia has hydroxycitrate acid in it. This purportedly serves as a carbohydrate blocker once inside the human body.

A different kind of Hydroxycut product makes use of potassium and calcium, apparently due to research demonstrating their supposed weight loss properties. That same kind of Hydroxycut also has chromium in it, thought to be an insulin regulator. One type of Hydroxycut, specifically marketed under the brand of Muscle Tech, involves extracts from green tea leaves. Muscle Tech pins the reputation of this particular product on studies illustrating how green tea’s caffeine content boosts both glucose disposal and general metabolism. Most Hydroxycut tea products have approximately 200 mg of caffeine inside them.

Phen375 Diet Pills

Recent months have seen Phen375 diet pills being the topic of a growing number of conversations in communities that love healthy lifestyles. Quite a few folks have been speculating about whether or not this might just be the pill that puts an end to obesity and overweight issues? Phen375 is also known as Phentermine375. Whatever it’s called, it works primarily as an appetite suppressant, purportedly boosting the metabolic rate of a person, enhancing their glucose metabolic rate, so that a person’s body burns fat like never before while also increasing thermogenic rate.

As such, users of Phen375 have reported notable improvements in their sex drive and lean body mass. A growing number of consumers are starting to covet the Phen375 diet pill, especially as a healthier and better alternative to serious surgical options.

Herbal Or Synthetic? That is the Question…

Even though Hydroxycut was repackaged and reformulated, it hasn’t fallen off the FDA’s radar as yet. The scientific community still views the product line with an air of suspicion, particularly given how the early run carried a death toll with it. On the other end of the spectrum, Phen375’s initial run went smoothly, as hundreds of different consumers enjoyed the initial product shipment without any debilitating effects reported. Even better, Phen375 gets manufactured inside a pharmaceutical facility that is properly registered with the FDA.

Yes, it is true that herbal supplements have an impact on weight loss efforts. In truth, the newer line of Hydroxycut products are rather safe to use, even with a few side effects. However, distinguishing a potent herbal supplement from one that’s ineffective is practically impossible. The potency of a herbal supplement will only be as good as the calibre of its grown ingredients, which sees a lot of variety from one place to the next, and even in between crops. Furthermore, potency is also contingent upon refinement methods, which also vary. To make things even more complicated, all these issues are compounded by how many different Hydroxycut products are out there.

Price is also a question. Compared to other herbal supplements, Hydroxycut is rather expensive. A person could as easily drink green tea. They’ve got practically same health benefits, and most supermarkets sell them for much less. As for Hydroxycut’s vitamins, those are also cheaply replaced with over-the-counter pharmacy supplements.

Given that Hydroxycut’s initial formulation is out of the picture, it doesn’t stand up to Phen375. Given that Phen375 is produced synthetically, it has a far more sophisticated process of refinement. Phen375 gets sold primarily as a pressed tablet, which means the formulation involves synthetic substances that get produced in a facility supervised by the FDA with all the immense scrutiny that brings.

Even one fatality is more than what should happen. Consumers demand, expect and deserve products free of adverse or harmful side effects. As such Phen375 is superior to Hydroxycut and it possibly the best and likely the safest product in the current weight loss market. A person can use Phen375 as long as they want, due to the fact that it presents no side effects, nor is it at all addictive.

Still, no matter how effective a weight loss pill is, it simply won’t matter if the person taking it fails to keep up a healthy lifestyle. If a person only takes Phen375 and pairs it with a regular workout regimen, then their obesity isn’t going to be around much longer. As fate would have it, health issues such as obesity prove no less fatal in the end than even herbal supplements that are hazardous to a person’s health.