Gaspari Mitotropin: Strong But Not Always Best

Gaspari Mitotropin’s weight loss formula is marketed to body builders. Its ingredients include several compounds with thermogenic properties, and Gaspari Mitotropin’s manufacturer claims that it is the strongest fat burner around, and that users will display results quickly, yet safely. The thermogenesis process raises the metabolic rate of your body, helping it to burn more … Read more

T5 Fat Burner: Not Safe and Unverified

T5 Fat Burner’s manufacturer’s marketing claims that this supplement is “the most extreme weight loss complex available,” and there are lots of customer reports that it does, indeed, deliver quick results. The makers of T5 Fat Burner do let it be known that this product’s success is largely owed to the high amounts of stimulants … Read more

72 Hour Diet Pill

A cheap diet pill that delivers rapid weight loss in a short time? Sounds too good to be true, and it is. 72 Hour Diet Pill promises you will lose twelve pounds within a seventy-two hour time span, plus it only costs about $10 a bottle. The bottom line is that this product is yet … Read more

Leptovox: Healthy Supplement Doubling as a Weight-Loss Pill?

The inventor of Leptovox got the idea to follow a diet consisting of ten foods that are considered to contain “anti-aging” ingredients while watching “Oprah.” Some of these foods are Brazilian Acai, cayenne pepper, garlic, soybeans, kefir, wheatgrass, flaxseed, buckwheat and barley. Since locating some of these items can be expensive and difficult, the inventor … Read more

HydroSlim Liquid Fat Burner: Safe, but Slow, Weight Loss

HydroSlim Liquid Fat Burner is a powdered weight-loss supplement that can be mixed with water, so you drink it rather than having to swallow pills. The biggest advantages of HydroSlim are its ability to increase energy levels, which assists in weight loss by boosting your energy levels and burning fat. The formula’s ingredients help you … Read more

True Fuel Energy: Unproven and No Miracle

True Fuel Energy is a diet supplement designed for those who would like to develop better and more defined muscles quickly. It’s a helpful tool for getting toned, lean muscle mass and boosting the mood, too. True Fuel Energy can help get a health plan on the “right track” if it is used properly. Take … Read more

Ephedrasil Hardcore: Too Hardcore and Untested

Ephedrasil Hardcore is made by the same manufacturers that make Ephedrasil, both of which are weight loss supplements.  Ephedrasil Hardcore has two different stimulant ingredients, as well as a mood-enhancing substance. The three combined will supposedly jump-start your weight loss by increasing your metabolism and improving your state of mind, too. But does it work? … Read more

Size Zero Pill: DANGEROUS

According to the marketing and advertising for Size Zero Pill, you can take this supplement and look like a celebrity in your size-zero dress. This pill might actually bring your weight down, but it also very well might do you extreme harm in the process, and could even cause fatal side effects! The actual medically-approved … Read more

Thermolean: Nothing New or Different

Thermolean is a supplement for people who aren’t happy with their rate of weight loss. It’s for those who are eating a healthy, low-cal diet and exercising regularly but are still not seeing the results. This is not a “miracle pill,” it is a supplement to your already-healthy diet that improves on what you’re already … Read more

Brazilian Diet for Men: Nothing Special Here

The Brazilian Diet for Men is an all-natural fat burning formula that is designed specifically for men. It reports that it is effective for burning fat and increasing energy. It has lots of Acai berry, which is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to boost your metabolism, helping the body to burn more … Read more

Venom Hyperdrive 3.0: Not Proven, No Guarantees

Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 is supposedly the most effective, strongest fat burner and energy booster available, according to its manufacturer—a claim made by many others before. They say Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 is the best due to its unique, proprietary blend of different ingredients. Can someone lose weight with this supplement and have more energy by taking … Read more

Lean System 7: Unproven and Possibly Unsafe

Lean System 7 is a newer weight loss product. Its manufacturers market is as a supplement that aids in fat burning, and should be used along with a balanced, low-cal diet and lots of regular exercise. They also promote it as activating and boosting the metabolic process, using the products 7-Keto ingredient, for which the … Read more

Kaloss Trimmers: Somewhat Effective, but Expensive and Unproven

Kaloss Trimmers weight loss supplements supposedly work by increasing the body’s energy and temperature, which is called the thermogenic process. This supplement is hyped as a “breakthrough in fast weight loss.” According to Kaloss Trimmers’ manufacturer, the key to the miracle is in the ingredient mixture, which is known to help boost metabolism. Kaloss Trimmers … Read more

Phentramin-D: Strong but Not Completely Trustworthy

Phentramin-D is a new formulation of another supplement of the same name, which is only available by prescription. By replacing some of the ingredients with herbal and natural substances, its manufacturers claim it can do the job of helping people lose weight fast, and that it is “barely legal” because it’s so strong—stronger than the … Read more

Phosphacore: Not Enough Information

If you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat, the makers of Phosphacore say they have the solution for both men and women. The manufacturer, Applied Nutritional Research LLC, say that the Phosphacore formula has been designed specifically to break fat cells down in the belly area. You can only buy Phosphacore through their … Read more

Brazilian Diet for Women: Nothing Different Here

The Brazilian Diet for Women is an all-natural formula that is designed especially for women who want to lose weight and burn fat. Its main ingredient is Acai berry, which is a wonderful antioxidant, combined with bee pollen and green tea extracts for weight loss. This formula supposedly targets that belly fat that is so … Read more

Hydroxycut Hardcore: Hardcore or Just High Caffeine?

One big consumer favorite in the fat burner market is Hydroxycut Hardcore. This products was made by Muscletech, the same corporation that created the very successful original formulation of Hydroxycut, which is now banned for sale in the U.S. by the FDA. Hydroxcut Hardcore is supposedly just as good as the original formulation, helping users … Read more

Too Much to Handle: Is Adipex Right for You?

Adipex is a weight loss pill that is available only with a prescription to persons who live in the United States, Canada and Europe. It is also known as Phentermine. If you take Adipex as prescribed by a physician, you should expect to lose weight steadily, at a rate of about 2-5 pounds per week. … Read more

EpheDrexin Fat Burner for Men: Inexpensive but Ineffective

EpheDrexin is advertised as a weight loss pill for men only. It promises to increase the body’s metabolism and increase thermogenic fat burning to build more lean muscle mass and better muscle definition. Although it proudly states it is ephedra-free, it does still have lots of stimulants, from caffeine-based sources. EpheDrexin says it’s the most … Read more