The Atkins Diet

The Atkins diet is one of the most advertised and popular diets in the world. The diet claims to help you shed those unwanted pounds by consuming unlimited amounts of protein, cutting down carbohydrates and not limiting fats. This goes against the practices that encourage people to eat whole grains, fresh vegetables, and fruits. As such, it’s not uncommon for many people to ponder about its effectiveness and reliability.

What does the Atkins Diet Offer?

The Atkins diet is so mainstream that most of the people you know have either tried or know someone who has. However, even though some individuals have lost weight by following this diet, it isn’t for everyone. Every person is different and what works for another may not be ideal for you.

The question at this point is, does the Atkins diet give good results?

Most people claim that they have lost significant weight within six months, which means it is effective. Reports have shown that most of the people who lost weight rapidly usually put back all the weight and even added more within just a year. So, while the Atkins diet may be ideal for short-term weight loss, it does not seem to be viable for the long term.

Reasons Why The Atkins Diet Will Fail

The diet is seen to be effective as it lowers the consumption of carbohydrates, which results in weight loss. There’s no limitation to protein and fat intake. Now that seems to be an attractive diet, especially for people who don’t like eating veggies.

Now the biggest problem with this diet is that it removes carbohydrates, which are needed by our body for certain functions. Failure to eat carbohydrates can lead to various health issues.

Most individuals fail to lose weight in the long term because they have the freedom to consume what they want. As we all know, fat intake is one of the things that need to be addressed to lose weight. And so, consuming foods rich in fat, which is allowed in this diet does not help you shed off those extra pounds.

The Pros and Cons of the Atkin Diet


  1. It contains easy to follow meal plans
  2. It has no restriction for consuming proteins and fat

The Cons

  1. It depletes the glycogen stored in muscles and liver, dehydrates the body and leads to muscle mass loss which can lead to muscle atrophy.
  2. Risk of heart disease due to over-consumption of foods rich in fats.
  3. It can make your skin and muscles appear saggy
  4. Bad breath

As you can see, the Atkins diet has its upsides and downsides. It’s ideal for short-term weight loss, but not ideal for people with long-term weight loss goals.