TestoRipped: Side Effects and Only for Men?

TestoRipped is a weight loss and general fitness supplement designed specifically for men. The ingredients in TestoRipped are quite powerful, and they will boost a man’s energy levels and help him get through long, strenuous workouts, as well as increase testosterone, which will improve muscle tone and definition—not to mention your libido will increase, too! The manufacturers of TestoRipped say that the men who use it love it and brag about the results, and a month’s supply is only around $50. But does it work for everyone, and is it safe?

TestoRipped Contents Overview

The major active ingredient in TestoRipped is listed as Synephrine, which is used as a substitute for ephedra, a powerful weight loss supplement that has been banned due to its unhealthy side effects. When combined with caffeine, synephrine is a perfect ingredient to spark increased fat burning in a man’s body. Other ingredients include:

  • These increase production of thyroid hormones, which improve metabolism
  • This spice boosts insulin production, which reduces blood sugar
  • Herbal ingredient which aids in increased muscle definition, as well as boosts the sex drive
  • Creatine Ethyl Ester. This is a better alternative to creatine, which is popular in men’s weight loss supplements; it increases absorption of the key ingredients

Pros and Cons of Using TestoRipped


  • Increases the user’s libido and energy
  • Website lists real user testimonies


  • Could cause potentially serious side effects
  • No money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Only men can use it

The side effects that you may experience from taking the TestoRipped supplement are rapid heartbeat, stroke or heart attack, insomnia, jitters, restlessness, irritability and nervousness. Other side effects may include drop in blood pressure, seizures, anxiety attacks, and blurred vision.

Side effects of Using TestoRipped

Side effects of using TestoRipped can range from a racing heartbeat, strokes, heart attacks, insomnia, “the jitters”, and feelings of restlessness, irritation and nervousness. Other dangerous effects of taking TestoRipped can be a sudden drop in blood pressure, anxiety or panic attacks, seizures, and blurry vision.

TestoRipped Product Recap

Taking TestoRipped on its own can improve your sex drive and decrease your appetite. Along with a healthy diet and a good exercise program can also improve efforts to lose weight and increase the results of those efforts. There are no scientific or clinical research studies performed on TestoRipped, but testimonies of actual users about the supplement are generally positive and report that users experienced improved stamina, more strength, and better muscle definition. TestoRipped does have caffeine in it, and it will give you energy, besides the other side effects of using too much of any kind of stimulant. TestoRipped does contain testosterone boosters, which help burn more fat and build up muscle faster. Any health problems you have should be taken into account and cleared by a doctor prior to trying this supplement. Due to the high potential for side effects and since it can’t be used by half the population, it isn’t recommended highly.

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