South Beach Diet

There are some people who usually have a hard time when it comes to sticking to the South Beach Diet, while there are some people who have said that the diet is the perfect option for them. Many of the people following this diet claim that it is not a fad diet and it is far much healthier when compared to other diets such as the Atkins Diet. There are some people who ridicule the diet because it falls under the category of low carbs.

How Does South Beach Diet Work?

The South Beach Diet primarily focuses on eating the right carbs and the right fats. People following the diet should restrict eating lean meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and other low GI carbs and foods considered as low-fat.

The diet has three phases that have to be followed. Phase one is the most restrictive, and this phase will involve restricting a lot of food, some of the foods that are excluded from the diet are bread, potatoes, alcohol, sugar, sweets, cake, fruits, milk, and pasta.

There are some vegetables that are allowed because they have a low GI, examples being broccoli and cabbage. This phase will last for 14 days, and you will be required to eat fish, eggs, lean meat, nut and olive oil. The main goal of this phase is stabilizing the blood sugar by helping you get rid of cravings for refined starch and sugar. You can expect two lose between 10 and 13 pounds in the two weeks.

During Phase Two, foods that have a low GI are reintroduced, and these are mostly fruits, rice, whole grain bread, yoghurt, pasta, and fat-free milk. Dieters are advised to remain in this Phase until they have reached their goal weight. During this phase, dieters can expect to lose between one and two pounds per week.

Phase Three is the phase where you “maintain for life”. In this phase, you can reintroduce a wide range of foods to your diet, and you are advised to stay in this phase so you can manage to keep the weight steady.

Overall, The South Beach Diet can be considered to be a lot healthier when compared to other diets such as Atkins diet because it allows a person to eat foods from different food groups and provides the body with the nutrients needed. One thing that is a little disappointing about the diet is the fact that it has been hyped and makes it look like a lose-weight-overnight like many of the low-carb diets out there.


  • The diet encourages three balanced meals and snacks
  • It encourages the eating all the type of food known to prevent heart disease
  • There is fallibility in meal options


  • Restricting carbs which include vegetables and fruits in the first few weeks will result in poor digestion and cause the body to lack important minerals and vitamins.
  • Using the Glycemic Index does not make sense for everyone because there are some foods that are categorized as low GI but are bad for the health, and also foods classified as high GI but are healthier.