Slim Bombs: Unproven Claims

The Slim Bombs diet supplement promotes rapid, extreme weight loss. It is manufactured by Dplan, who says that Slim Bombs speed up the body’s metabolism, kicking in the thermogenic process that will burn fat fast, as well as curbing the appetite and giving you lots of energy. They claim that users of Slim Bombs will experience fast weight loss, but also that this rapid loss of extra pounds and inches is safe! Slim Bombs is targeted at women, but the product website says that it works for men, too. Dplan states that people will lose up to twenty-one pounds in about seven weeks, without having to eat less or exercise more! Is this possible?

Slim Bombs Contents Overview

The main ingredients in Slim Bombs are items like extracts of Cha de Burge and green tea. Cha de Burge is a stimulant, which gives you energy and burns fat. Green tea increases the body’s metabolism. Besides these two ingredients, other substances used in Slim Bombs are:

  • This keeps the body from absorbing fats from foods, allowing them to pass out of the body undigested
  • Garcinia Cambogia. Another stimulant that increases energy
  • Gotu Kola. Has a rejuvenating effect on the body
  • Suppresses the appetite and has lots of important nutrients

Pros and Cons of Using Slim Bombs


  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Made with all-natural ingredients, so it has fewer side effects
  • Money back satisfaction guarantee
  • Some good customer feedback on the product’s website


  • Contains caffeine

Side Effects of Using Slim Bombs

Despite the fact that Slim Bombs is composed of all-natural ingredients, it does still contain stimulants, such as the caffeine in Cha de Burge. If you are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants, you could feel the effects of it, such as nervousness, inability to sleep/insomnia, and the jitters and restlessness.

Slim Bombs Product Recap

Despite the advertisements about not having to diet or exercise to see fast results when using Slim Bombs, any weight loss supplement will work better when backed up by such healthy efforts. It contains all-natural ingredients and has relatively few side effects, and many people have commented on the product website that they lost weight with Slim Bombs. However, there are no clinical studies to back up the manufacturer’s claims of effectiveness, and very rapid weight loss is not healthy.

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