Size Zero Pill: DANGEROUS

According to the marketing and advertising for Size Zero Pill, you can take this supplement and look like a celebrity in your size-zero dress. This pill might actually bring your weight down, but it also very well might do you extreme harm in the process, and could even cause fatal side effects! The actual medically-approved usage for this drug is treating asthmatic horses! It comes without use or safe dosage instructions. The result of taking Size Zero Pill is that it induces a massive thermogenic response in your body, raising your basal body temperature in a dramatic way, increasing your metabolism in the process. Blood pumps faster through your arteries and veins, and in the end, you will see weight loss—but it is weight loss that could be lethal!

Size Zero Pill Contents Overview

  • Clenbuterol. This drug will induce the elevation of the body’s temperature and heart rate, increasing metabolism and fat burning.

Pros and Cons of Using Size Zero Pill


  • Drastically reduces fat


  • It is designed for horses, not for humans, and can have extreme, potentially deadly, side effects

Side Effects of Size Zero Pill

Size Zero Pill has some dramatic, major side effects, including cardiac arrests, or heart attacks! Also, using this pill can bring on severe heart palpitations, stroke, and anxiety/panic attacks. In some extreme cases, it could be fatal!

Size Zero Pill Product Recap

Unlike some other weight loss supplements, Size Zero Pill does actually work. It works very well indeed, if you are a horse with asthma! Humans should always be extremely careful when taking a medication designed for an animal; that is a given. However, besides that obvious factor, people should take care not to lose weight so quickly. Dramatic, rapid weight loss is very unhealthy and can have long-term physical and cosmetic side effects. Size Zero Pill is dangerous on many levels and should be avoided by everyone, unless you’re an asthmatic horse!

Besides the actual physical side effects, the premise of needing to be a “size zero” is an unhealthy one in terms of body image. Not everyone is meant to be this thin, and this cultivates a negative body image in people who are a bit larger but still healthy. It encourages a negative stereotype about weight that is unrealistic and dangerous. If you have a serious weight problem, seek a physician’s assistance, do not try taking medicine designed for large animals, and do not buy into the idea that in order to be attractive you have to be a “size zero.” This pill is emphatically NOT RECOMMENDED.

Phen375: Safe, Healthy and Effective

Size Zero Pill is a powerful weight-loss supplement, but the laundry list of side effects is daunting. There is a better way to lose weight, though: Phen375.

Phen375’s main ingredient is Phentemine, which is is manufactured in FDA approved labs that is available over the counter. It has all the weight-loss benefits of Phentermine, without the negative side effects. However, Phen375 is more than just Phentemine!

Phen375 has four other major ingredients that help to speed up metabolism, burn more fat faster, build lean muscle mass faster, and even decrease your ability to store excess fat! These are not herbs or natural remedies, they are chemicals synthesized under strict laboratory conditions to be as potent and concentrated as possible. Pharmaceutically-produced cyclic AMP enzyme boosters, such as 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, and a Sympathomimetic Amine, LongJack Tongkate ALI, and Capsaicin-1.12 will help you lose the weight and keep it off. Without the prescription, without the side effects!

Give Phen375 a try. It is around $3.80 per day to use, which is reasonable for a top-notch product like Phen375. All you have to lose is the weight!