PrimeShred Reviews

When you’re trying to lose weight to get back into those jeans, you probably feel like being on a bit of a roller coaster. Some days, it seems like you’re not getting the desired number on the scale even when you’re killing yourself in the gym. In situations like this, it’s easy to dream of a miracle pill that will help you reach your happy weight- naturally and without any side effects.

If you’ve ever wished that you had a miracle pill that could help cut all the extra flab without losing energy or muscle mass, stop wishing and give Prime Shred a try.

What is PrimeShred

PrimeShred is a hardcore fat burner that is scientifically formulated to accelerate weight loss. The powerful combination of clinically backed ingredients will deliver fast, whole-body fat burning.

The list of fat burners that claim to give you the fat-burning edge is endless. But most of these products hide their formulas in mystery proprietary blends. This is to conceal weak ingredients in ineffective amounts. Contrarily, Prime Shred fully discloses all of its natural ingredients and their exact quantities. You’ll find no fillers, no secret ingredients, and no proprietary blends.

It works by: (1) telling your body to break down and release stored fat, (2) speeding the rate at which your body burns fat for fuel, and (3) boosting your energy levels and enhancing your mental focus.


  • Green Tea Extract (500mg)
  • L-Tyrosine (300 mg)
  • L-Theanine (250mg)
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root (250mg)
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (225mg)
  • Cayenne Pepper (200mg)
  • DMAE (150mg)
  • Green Coffee (100mg)
  • Vitamin B3 (15mg)
  • Vitamin B6 (1.3mg)
  • Vitamin B12 (24mcg)
  • Bioperine (5mg)
  • Vegetable Capsule

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. Unlike other types of tea, green tea doesn’t go through the oxidation process. This ingredient is a potent fat burner loaded with a massive range of beneficial antioxidants known as catechins. These compounds help burn fat and boost metabolism, thereby contributing to weight loss.

The weight-loss benefits of green tea can also be demonstrated through its thermogenic effect in humans. This thermogenic effect has mostly been linked to its caffeine. Caffeine acts as a stimulant that has been shown to assist in fat burning. So, green can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) or, in other words, increase your calorie burning.


The body uses more than twenty amino acids to form proteins, and L-tyrosine is one of them. This amino acid is considered non-essential, which means that the body can manufacture it.

While there is no direct clinical evidence to support the amino acid’s capacity to prompt weight loss, there is evidence that it affects certain factors. More specifically, the amino acid can aid in weight loss by decreasing depressive episodes that contribute to weight gain, diminishing stress-related weight gain, improving alertness, and increasing energy metabolism. All of these can have indirect effects on weight loss.

In people with underactive thyroids, weight gain is prevalent. But, L-tyrosine can increase the activity of the thyroid, hence, promoting weight loss. It is well-documented that increasing the thyroid hormone levels equates to increasing the rate of fat burning in the body.


L-theanine is another amino acid present in Prime Shred. The most common dietary sources of L-theanine are tea leaves and mushrooms. In green tea, the amino acid is thought to be the source of savory and brothy taste. The taste is then linked to a decreased risk of obesity. It may enhance metabolism, boost feelings of fullness, suppress the appetite, or change taste perception.

The amino acid reduces chemical levels in the brain that are associated with stress and anxiety. At the same time, it increases brain calming chemical levels. This promotes relaxation and facilitates sleep. Reduced anxiety and improved sleep help people lose weight. After all, improving sleep and reducing stress and anxiety can have a significant impact on weight loss. Otherwise, you would find it challenging to stay focused.

Losing weight is challenging enough, and if you’re fighting anxiety at the same time, you are fighting on two fronts. With the help of L-theanine’s sleep-promoting and anti-anxiety abilities, you’ll find your mood lifting. You’ll feel more energetic and more positive to take on your day’s training.

Rhodiola Rosea Root

Rhodiola Rosea root is also known by other names Arctic root, roseroot, and golden root. Much like mint, the plant is a ground cover that’s naturally found throughout Asia and Europe’s tundra-like conditions. Some say Rhodiola Rosea Root has been used in traditional medicine since the days of Vikings.

One nice thing about Rhodiola is it provides a huge energy boost. For someone trying to lose weight, it’s always common to feel fatigued. When you’re cutting down on food intake, it’s normal for your energy levels to drop. But, Rhodiola can restore your energy levels and promote a wide-awake, ready-to-go feeling.

The ingredient has been proven to help you enjoy exercising. It does so by increasing serotonin and dopamine activity. These are natural ‘happy hormones’ that your body produces during exercise. With this Prime Shred ingredient, your body produces more of these endorphins and holds onto them longer. That means you’ll start wanting to exercise because you want it so much.

In addition, Rhodiola improves your body’s primary energy source- ATP. This allows your body to utilize energy more efficiently. It also enhances the production of EPO, which is needed to create the red blood cells that transport oxygen to your muscles. The more oxygen your muscles receive during training, the better the quality of your training.

Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a natural stimulant present in most coffees and energy drinks. It doesn’t just give energy but supports shredding down as well, making it a must-ingredient in Prime Shred.

The way this ingredient works is straightforward: Adenosine, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain binds to the receptors and increases the desire to sleep by lowering cell activity. Since caffeine anhydrous is structurally similar to the said inhibitory neurotransmitter, it can take its place in the brain. But, this time, caffeine raises cell activity instead of lowering it. The result is increased energy levels which is crucial to keep you continually progressing.

It doesn’t just help you physically either; it also benefits you mentally. It elevates levels of dopamine and serotonin, the ‘feel-good’ chemicals in your brain. Like the amino acids L-tyrosine and L-theanine, this ingredient promotes positive feelings and happiness, hence, improving your mood.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the most potent natural ingredients for weight loss. It’s known by a few different names including Guinea spice, horn pepper, aleva pepper, and bird pepper. Ideally, cayenne pepper is used for cooking dishes and spice up vinegar-type sauces. But, it has been shown to help burn fat, and this is why it’s a vital ingredient in Prime Gold for battling against excess weight.

One of the ways this ingredient has been established to aid in weight loss is by increasing thermogenesis. Its phytochemical, capsaicin, is responsible for its ‘signature kick’ and giving the body a natural thermogenic boost. This, in turn, results in heightened metabolism. When your body’s thermogenic mechanism is turned on, it will burn calories at a faster rate.

Cayenne pepper promotes a sensation of fullness so that your body would want to eat less. In other words, you only need to consume fewer calories to keep your stomach satisfied. Curbing your hunger when cutting back will also help you avoid the foods that contribute to significant weight gain.

Combining increased thermogenesis and appetite suppression, Prime Shred’s spicy ingredient seems to offer some very real weight loss and fat burning potential.


Dimethylaminoethanol, or DMA, is a naturally occurring nutritional substance found in the body and fatty fish, such as squid, wild Alaskan, sardines, salmon, and anchovies. DMA is a building block of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that improves focus, alertness, and muscle contraction. By increasing acetylcholine, there’s excellent communication from one nerve to another and between nerves and muscles. This helps nerve cells send signals, sharpen your memory and focus, and strengthen the mind-muscle connection.

Increased levels of acetylcholine help regulate REM sleep. Adequate and quality sleep can make a massive difference to your weight-loss efforts. It is estimated that when dieters get a restful sleep, more than half of the weight they lose comes from fat. Contrarily, when they get less sleep, only one-fourth of the weight they lose is fat.

When it comes to weight loss, it’s vital to get rid of physical fatigue. Your body may feel too tired to move when you’re not getting enough sleep. Getting out of the door already seems like an uphill battle. But with the DMAE in Prime Shred, there’s a guarantee of full-night sleep so no energy loss can drag down your efforts.

Green Coffee Extract

Just like green tea extract, the green coffee extract has terrific weight loss benefits. Green coffee comes from unroasted coffee beans. Unlike roasted coffee, unroasted coffee beans are weight-loss friendly. The compound present in coffee beans, chlorogenic acid, acts as an antioxidant and melts the unwanted fat in the body.

It is general knowledge that the higher your metabolism, the more weight you lose. The chlorogenic acid raises BMR, which reduces the absorption of fat and glucose in the body. Then, in place of glucose, the body starts to burn extra fat, which ultimately leads to weight loss. If you cannot practice portion control when eating, Prime Shred can help. Its green coffee extract can suppress your appetite and prevent you from overeating.

The green coffee extract also has caffeine, which is a well-known metabolism and energy booster. Through a process called lipolysis, Caffeine stimulates the breakdown of fatty tissue. After the fatty acids are released from their storage form, they can be burned for energy. This process of burning fuel is known as metabolism. Caffeine stimulates the body’s metabolism to burn energy, or it tells the body to burn more calories.

Vitamin B

PrimeShred boasts vitamins B3, B6, and B12. These B vitamins play an essential role in the body’s weight loss. They help your body break down carbs and fat. When you eat pizza, for instance, the B vitamins will help break it down. As they break down the pizza, B vitamins turn that food into energy.

Because Prime Shred is loaded with B vitamins, you can benefit from neurotransmitters serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin helps you cope with anxiety and stress, while melatonin assists in relaxation and sleep. In short, the B vitamins present in the supplement help keep your anxiety and depression at bay. In case you didn’t know, both often trigger weight gain.

If you are vitamin B deficient, it only means that your body doesn’t store vitamin B the same way that it keeps other vitamins. The deficiency can result in sluggishness, fatigue, and decreased metabolism. But if you take Prime Shred, you will be able to give your body the vitamins it needs. Soon enough, your body systems will start to work efficiently, and you’ll see the extra pounds start to melt off.


Bioperine has been around for centuries in weight loss formulas, but Prime Shred has shown what it can do. Processed from the fruit of long or black pepper, Bioperine enhances the bioavailability or absorption of Prime Shred.

Through its active component, piperine, Bioperine assists in weight loss. Aside from providing metabolic support, it enhances thermogenic activity. It has been identified that thermogenesis plays a crucial role in maintaining weight loss.

Vegetable Capsule

Vegetable capsules are a convenient alternative for those who want to avoid gelatin made from animal products. These capsules are typically made of vegetable cellulose. The most common type of vegetable cellulose that makes up vegetable capsules is hypromellose. This type of cellulose comes from fir, pine, and spruce trees. Vegetable capsules offer the same benefits of typical capsules but without the issues related to dietary, health, and environmental restrictions. It’s hard to tell the difference between a regular capsule and a vegetable, though, capsule because both capsules are tasteless.


PrimeShred is formulated to end your fat-burning frustrations. The benefits associated with taking the said supplement include:

Easy and Automatic Fat Burning – Prime Shred is loaded with ingredients that speed up the breakdown of fat. Rhodiola and capsaicin in cayenne pepper, for example, speed the rate of fat breakdown by increasing the activity of hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) and boosting its effects.

Extreme Fat Burning Without Losing Muscle Mass – Most fat burners allow you to burn fat but leave you with loss of muscle mass. But, Prime Shred is an exception. It helps shred stubborn fat and reveal lean muscle mass for an aesthetically pleasing physique.

Boosted Energy Levels and Enhanced Mental Focus – Prime Shred combines potent, energy fuelling ingredients with powerful, brain-boosting nootropics. These reduce mental fatigue and keep you more awake, alert, energized, and focused on your goals.

Increased Thermogenesis – The supplement has thermogenic ingredients that stimulate your metabolism to burn more energy for fuel. Caffeine, green coffee, and cayenne pepper, for instance, increase your thermogenesis and speed up your metabolism. This way you’ll burn fat round the clock and achieve that perfectly ripped physique.

Side Effects

All the ingredients used in Prime Shred are natural and completely safe. This means that there are no side effects associated with it.


Prime Shred is available in capsule form. Its single bottle contains 90 capsules which can last you 30 days.

For better results, take 3 capsules approximately 20 minutes before breakfast. It is suggested that you take the fat burner on both training and non-training days.

Where to Buy PrimeShred?

Prime Shred is an exclusive supplement. Meaning, it can only be purchased on the official website.

The Prime Shred packages are as follows:

1 bottle = $49.95 + $7.95 shipping fee
2 bottles + 1 FREE = $99.95 + FREE shipping
4 bottles + 2 FREE = $199.95 + FREE shipping

PrimeShred Frequently Asked Questions

What is in Prime Shred?

Prime Shred contains natural ingredients in the correct ratio. Experts at Prime Shred laboratories use scientifically-backed ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract, cayenne pepper, etc. at the dosages used in clinical studies. Hence, with Prime Shred, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

You can click here to find out more about these ingredients.

Where is Prime Shred manufactured?

The supplement is manufactured in the US. FDA approved, GMA certified facility, using only the most effective and safest ingredients.

Does Prime Shred ship worldwide?

Prime Shred doesn’t ship to Yemen, Mauritius, Martinique, Madagascar, Liberia, Libya, Laos, Turkmenistan, Timor-Leste, Tajikistan, South Sudan, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Iran, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Cuba, Crimea region of Ukraine, Chad, Brunei, Angola, Saint Pierre and Miquelon (Miquelon), Reunion (Bourbon), Panama, Republic of Congo, North Korea, and Myanmar (Burma).

Does Prime Shred offer a money-back guarantee?

Prime Shred offers the most prolonged guarantee on the market. In case you’re not satisfied with the results. Prime Shred gives you 100 days to return unopened, unused bottles. Just get in touch, and Prime Shred will refund your money (excluding any shipping charges).

For full details, read Prime Shred’s refund policy.

How long does one bottle of Prime Shred last?

Each bottle contains 30 servings (90 capsules) which will last you a month.