Phosphacore: Not Enough Information

If you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat, the makers of Phosphacore say they have the solution for both men and women. The manufacturer, Applied Nutritional Research LLC, say that the Phosphacore formula has been designed specifically to break fat cells down in the belly area. You can only buy Phosphacore through their website, along with a complimentary book that supposedly tells how to use the product. The site links to studies that are difficult for many people to read, and there is hardly any information regarding the product itself or its effectiveness.  There are also no usage or dosage instructions given, but the maker claims anyone will see benefits within 28 days. Does Phosphacore work, or is it all a hoax?

Phosphacore Contents Overview

  • This substance supposedly soothes muscles and aids in building muscle mass
  • Linoleic Acid. This fatty omega acid promotes general good health
  • Ascorbic Acid. This antioxidant is known as being good for you

Pros and Cons of Phosphacore


  • Helps build up muscle mass
  • Ingredients promote general good health


  • Listed ingredients don’t appear to cause fat burning

Side Effects of Using Phosphacore

According to the product descriptions online, Phosphacore has few, if any, side effects. However, there is no additional information to go by.

Phosphacore Product Recap

When you review the ingredients of Phosphacore, there are no fat-burning substances listed, so it isn’t a fat burner. Still, the ingredients in this diet supplement are quite different from many of the other supplement out there—but the other supplements do have a proven track record of working, whereas Phosphacore does not. It doesn’t look like it contains anything dangerous, and it might actually improve your health and you may lose some weight when you take it along with a healthy diet and exercise plan, but that will be ancillary. It lacks any real information backing up its weight loss claims, although the company website doesn’t give much information on that, either. This product isn’t recommended because there is nothing to go by, as far as customer testimonials. The website does link to some outside research, but they are very difficult to understand. If you believe that you understand these studies and have some confidence in Phosphacore, try it, but we don’t recommend it.

Phen375: Proven Results

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