Phentermine, Hoodia and Ephedra: Which is better?

The strong demand for weight loss aids has caused a lot of pharmaceutical companies to produce different kinds of slimming pills. They are widely available in pharmacies and even on the internet. Some of the most commonly used diet pills are Phentermine as well as those slimming aids that contain the hoodia gordonii extract and Ephedra. Each of these slimming pills works differently towards achieving the same end which is to enable a person to lose excess weight. Addition, every one of them has their own share of strong and weak points as well as limitations.


This diet pill works by inhibiting the brain to send hunger signals to the body. Because of this, the person is able to control his appetite. Several risks are involved with taking phentermine 375 and this includes difficulty in breathing, heartbeat abnormalities, chest tightness, moodiness, diarrhea, constipation, and anxiety.


This diet pill contains the extract of a cactus-like plant which can be found in South African lands. The name of this plant is hoodia gordonii. It works by suppressing appetite and inhibiting the occurrence fo hunger pangs. Some studies have shown that hoodia diet pills can cause damage to the nerves of the brain.


It is a diet pill which contains ephedra have been banned by the US Food and Drug Administration because of the many health risks involved with taking this drug for the purpose of losing weight.

At the moment, a completely risk-free diet pill has not been created. Instead of choosing to take slimming pills, why not exercise and eat right? They will not only keep one’s weight under control but also keep the body healthy and supplied with the nutrients.