Phentermine Diet Pills – The Complete Guide

Phentermine is a diet pill which makes it possible for an individual to keep their appetite under control. Because the person consumes a lesser amount of food and therefore lesser calories, he will be able to lose a significant amount of weight. What should be noted though is that this kind of slimming pill should not be taken for an extended period of time.

Prior to taking Phentermine weight loss supplements, a person should consult with a qualified professional first so that he can be given the right dose. He or she will also be advised on the length of time that he is allowed to take it.

Treating Obesity with Phentermine Pills

Obesity is a serious health condition and it has spread so widely for the past few years. It affects almost 2 in 3 individuals in Australia. There are a lot of illnesses that stem from being overweight and this includes serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Many of the weight loss supplements available in the Australian market claim to be able to present a treatment for obesity in one way or another and Phentermine is no different. Since it is an appetite suppressant, the person who takes it will be able to gain control over his eating habits and significantly reduce his food intake. He will also not be suffering from hunger pangs all the time. These things may sound very promising for anyone who wants to shed some extra pounds but it does not come without any health repercussions.

Phentermine Side Effects

The use of Phentermine needs a doctor’s prescription. One is advised not to take it for a long time to prevent the occurrence of addiction. Long term use will also cause a load of health risks. This is one of the many other reasons why consultation with a doctor prior to take Phentermine diet pills is necessary.

Most physicians as well as fitness experts recommend adequate exercise and proper diet over the use of slimming aids. To make this point even clearer, let us take a deeper look at why despite its efficacy, Phentermine is still not suitable for human consumption especially when it is taken for a long time.

A lot of Phentermine users manifested symptoms of hypersensitivity to the drug. This includes chest tightness, swelling of the throat, and breathing difficulties. There may also be redness and swelling of certain body areas. This is one of the major reasons why consultation with a physician is necessary prior to taking the drug.

Visual problems have also been reported such as blurring of vision.

Abnormalities in the cardiovascular system may also occur and this includes elevated pressure of the blood, irregular beating of the heart, chest tightness.

Other symptoms include headaches, irritability, depression, dry mouth, and difficulty in falling asleep.


It is always wise to keep in mind that, as of present time, there is no particular weight loss pill that is completely free of any risks that contains the same chemical composition as that of Phentermine. Eating healthy kinds of food in well-balanced proportions as well as exercising regularly is still the way to go when it comes to losing weight. The results may not be instantly perceived but the effects will last longer. The chances of gaining back the weight which has been lost will also be significantly decreased.

After all, where is the good in having a slim body if your body will suffer from a lot of negative consequences because of it?

Effective Weight Loss and Phentermine Use

Over the past few years, we have seen the massive growth of the number of slimming pills which enter the market. In addition, we have also witnessed several products which have been banned from the market because although they were able to produce weight loss effects, they also caused a lot of negative health repercussions to the ones who were unfortunate enough to take it. A good example of this is Ephedra which used to be considered as a highly effective weight loss pill but which is now prohibited by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Now people have turned to other brands of weight loss pills including Phentermine. But is Phentermine really different from Ephedra? Does using it have any negatives effects for our health? To answer this question, one needs to be aware of the basic fact that there has been no slimming pill created that is absolutely safe for anyone. There are always some form of risk involved.

Points to Consider Before Taking Phentermine

Most people get themselves into trouble because they weren’t able to exercise proper judgment before doing something. In order to make the right decision or judgment, a person needs to be adequately informed of the things and factors that play a crucial role on the matter at hand. This is no different when it comes to purchasing a diet pill like Phen375. Often, overweight individuals are so focused on being to lose weight fast that they miss to take a look at some very important things about the product.

Phentermine use is quite widespread. It is considered as a very effective weight loss pill because it targets the most common cause of obesity which is uncontrolled food intake. It inhibits appetite so that the person can control his food cravings and therefore consume smaller quantities of food. This is the reason why the Phentermine slimming pill is otherwise referred to as an anorectic drug.

Although Phentermine seems to be a godsend for overweight individuals, there are some important things that should be considered prior to taking them.

  • For women, make sure that you are not pregnant. Phentermine is known to have deleterious effects to the unborn child.
  • Lactating women who are breastfeeding their babies should not take Phentermine slimming pills.
  • It may cause hypersensitivity reactions.
  • It may elevate a person’s blood pressure.
  • It may cause respiratory and cardiac problems.

To be on the safe side, one should take a look at the advantages that can be obtained from eating healthy foods. It is also beneficial for one to give importance to leading an active lifestyle.

Phentermine Fat Burning FAQs

Is It Safe to Take Phentermine during Pregnancy?

When a woman is pregnant, she is taking care not only of herself but also of her baby. Everything that she eats, drinks, and inhales will pass through the baby’s system. Additionally, a couple of problems may arise. One of this is being overweight or obese. This can cause what is called as gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related diabetes which puts the child at risk.

Because of problems in keeping the weight under control, some pregnant women think about using slimming pills to aid in their efforts of slimming down. This includes the use of Phentermine as a weight loss aid. Doing this should be avoided because any medications or supplements taken by the mother are also absorbed by the fetus. In fact, several studies have been done regarding the continuous use and consumption of high amounts of Phentermine by pregnant females and the results were not good. These are some of the many adverse effects of taking these slimming pills during pregnancy as well as during lactation or when a mother is breastfeeding her baby.

  • Pregnancy-related diabetes
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Possible birth defects
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • A feeling of throat tightness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Light-headedness

The weight loss which results from taking Phentermine regularly may cause the unborn child to be underweight. From this condition can stem a lot of other abnormalities and illnesses. With these adverse effects, a pregnant woman should refrain from taking Phentermine pills but instead focus on eating the right kinds and amounts of food as well as keep herself active.

Can Taking Phentermine Result in Neurotransmitter Loss?

Some of you may be wondering about what it is that relates Phentermine use and neurotransmitters. Let us start with establishing our knowledge base on what neurotransmitter means. It is a chemical substance which is found in the human brain. It is responsible for sending messages to and from the brain cells which are otherwise known as the neurons. Abnormalities and deficiencies in the functioning of the neurotransmitters can have serious consequences to the person concerned. Some of the common effects include being anxious, depressed, or obese.

The Action of Phentermine

How do Phentermine diet pills promote weight loss? The neurotransmitters are in charge of sending information to the brain that the body is hungry and in need of nourishment. Phentermine disrupts this normal message pattern thereby inhibiting the person from feeling hungry because the appetite is suppressed. The neurotransmitters are prevented from reaching the part of the brain which is called as the satiety center.

As a person continues to take Phentermine, the body starts to become immune to its effects. Some experts indicate that the weight loss effects of Phentermine only last for six weeks. After such time, it is unable to produce significant weight reduction.

Why Phentermine Works in Weight Loss?

Losing weight is the goal of many individuals since a lot of people are having a very hard time at keeping their body size under control. One of the prevalent reasons for obesity is because a person is not able to have healthy eating habits. He cannot control his cravings for unhealthy and fattening foods. There are also others who eat right but the proportions are all wrong.

Efficacy in Weight Loss

Much of Phentermine’s ability promote significant weight loss among obese individuals is its appetite suppressant properties. This is a very effective approach to weight loss because when a person takes in less than what the body actually needs, the brain will signal the conversion of fat stores into a form which can be used by the body as energy.

Lower calories mean no conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat which are then stored on different areas of the body for later use. The main body area which is affected by this is the satiety center of the brain. Some studies have also revealed that Phentermine can help hasten the person’s metabolic rate.

Taking Phentermine weight loss supplements used to require a doctor’s prescription. In recent years, however, over the counter phentermine has been made available to the market. This Phentermine variety works similarly with the prescribed kind but they are usually less powerful and less effective. This will often lead to people taking two times the prescribed dose which is a very harmful practice

What to Consider Before Taking Phentermine?

Most people take diet pills without fully researching what the product is about. Knowing the indications, contraindications, possible side effects, and the correct dosing is very important when taking any kinds of medicines or supplements. This way you will be able to look out better for yourself and safeguard your health.

Here are some precautions that should be properly noted. One should also remember that dieting and exercising are recommended as safe weight loss solutions that are for the long-term.

Have yourself checked by a doctor for any health conditions that will contraindicate the use of Phentermine. This includes allergies, existing ailments of the heart, and hypertension.

Have a qualified health professional prescribe a safe dose for you. Know how much to take and how often to take it.

Make sure that you are not pregnant because Phentermine may be harmful to your unborn child.

If you are breastfeeding your child, refrain from using Phentermine because it may be given to your baby through breast milk.

In Conclusion

Obesity is a widespread illness. The severity of this problem has been even more real because of the immense number of people who have died because of diseases that are linked to obesity. This has led to a lot of overweight people to make a move on finding a solution to how they can lose weight and avoid the perils brought about by being obese.

Most individuals want to get rid of excess body weight in just a short period of time. Because of this, they are most likely to resort to the use of diet pills for faster results. An example of a commonly used diet pill is Phentermine. It works an appetite suppressant. The person will a lot less food and he would be able to take control over his food cravings and hunger pangs. This means lesser calorie consumption and more efficient expenditure of the body’s fat stores.

Proper Diet

One does not need to resort to the intake of slimming pills in order to lose weight. In fact, slimming down is totally possible sans the help of diet pills provided that one is armed with adequate knowledge and ample self discipline. You need to know what kinds of food are best eaten as well as the right quantity. Eating small, frequent meals will keep metabolism up and running.

Regular Exercise

Having an active lifestyle is one of the keys to losing weight. Aside from this, it also helps build muscle mass which in turn minimizes the amount of fat. Exercise will also make the body healthier and keep it safe from diseases that are associated with a sedentary kind of life.