Metabo Extreme: All-Natural, but Not Always Effective

The makers of Metabo Extreme claim that it is the most extreme product around to burn fat and help you lose weight. It has all-natural ingredients so it is supposedly safe, and promotional material foquotes a 98% success rate for its users. It says it has “triple strength,” although there is no other product they compare themselves to in order to verify this claim. Their claims are somewhat contradictory: are they 100% safe or extra-strong? Metabo Extreme likely is good as a supplement for weight loss when coupled with a healthy diet and exercise. Can Metabo Extreme live up to its claims?

Metabo Extreme Contents Overview

  • A source of natural caffeine, which gives the body extra energy
  • Bee Pollen. Boosts stamina and energy
  • Herbal appetite suppressor, plus gives more energy and mental clarity
  • Helps aid healthy digestion
  • Natural metabolic booster
  • An herbal stimulant
  • Another natural stimulant that helps to regulate the body’s functions
  • Golden Seal. Purifies the blood
  • Helps increase the body’s metabolism to burn more fat, faster
  • Gotu Kola. Gives energy as well as boosting the metabolism
  • Gymnema Sylvestre. Supposedly reduces blood sugar levels

Pros and Cons of Using Metabo Extreme


  • Gives you lots of energy
  • Diminishes your appetite
  • All-natural ingredients


  • Isn’t effective for every user
  • No data about clinical studies on the product are provided

Side Effects of Taking Metabo Extreme

Metabo Extreme contains a substantial amount of caffeine, so anyone who is sensitive to or has been advised to avoid caffeine should be careful about using this supplement at all. Several of the ingredients are stimulants, although many of them are on the FDA’s “Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAF)” list of herbal supplements, and don’t have a history of causing major side effects or allergic reactions.

Metabo Extreme Product Recap

Metabo Extreme is another “all natural” herbal fat burning supplement—there are tons of them on the market right now. Although some of the ingredients are a bit more unique, the majority are old stand-bys that other herbal fat burners use. They do say it won’t work for everyone, so you have no real guarantee you’ll get your money’s worth by buying Metabo Extreme as opposed to any of the others. Herbal fat burning supplements don’t usually have the strength that pharmaceutical-grade fat burning supplements have, so if you desire a product that is stronger and more effective, choose another supplement.

Phen375: Clinically Proven, Pharmaceutical-Grade Strength and Effective

It is always better to use something you know will work. In this case, you need a fat burning weight loss product that is strong and proven, and isn’t just like all the other diet and fat-burning products available today. You need something special that’s worth the money and does the job. Phen375 is just the product you’re seeking.

Phen375 is a pharmacy-grade product that is manufactured in FDA approved labs. It contains laboratory-grade, concentrated  compounds that have been refined to a level of purity unknown to other weight loss formulations. The Phentemine n Phen375 controls your appetite and gives you energy, while at the same time the pharmaceutically-produced cyclic AMP enzyme boosters (1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, and a Sympathomimetic Amine, LongJack Tongkate ALI, and Capsaicin-1.12) will increase your metabolism, burn more fat, increase your lean muscle mass, and even diminish your body’s ability to store excess fat!

Phen375 only costs $3.80 per day, and it boasts millions of satisfied customers. It has the scientific backing along with the long list of quality, unique, powerful medical-grade ingredients in a formulation that does exactly what it promises. Try out Phen375 today, you will understand why everbody is talking about it!