Maxine’s Skinny Pills Weight Loss Supplement

Skinny Pills are the manufacturer Maxine’s answer to a fat burning supplement just for women. They are meant to fight off overzealous appetites, boost your overall energy, burn fat, and even help you focus as you diet. The manufacturer has ties to Max, a well known supplement brand from Australia. Maxine’s products are made only with women in mind however.

Now, let’s see what Skinny Pills have in store:

1 – The Active Ingredients

The first ingredient in Skinny Pills is L-carnitine. This compound is highly useful for boosting metabolism and energy. It isn’t going to be as useful for people that are already relatively healthy however. There’s also an acetyl form of the compound that can boost cognitive ability.

Next up is white willow bark extract. Bark from white willows has been a long standing pain relief remedy. It can also help prolong some of the other ingredients’ effects.

Ginger root powder and cayenne pepper are also among the ingredients list. The first helps with limiting your appetite. The less likely you are to binge on food at random intervals, the easier it will be to lose weight. The second is mostly beneficial given its capsaicin, a powerful fat oxidation and metabolism booster.

Raspberry ketones are also found in Skinny Pills. This is a common ingredient used to help flavour and scent certain foods. There haven’t been a lot of human studies yet, but it’s been shown to help burn fat in early trials with other animals.

As with many supplements of this kind, these pills also include caffeine. This gives yet another layer to the energizing and fat burning capabilities of the supplement. It can be addictive however!

Beta-Phenylethylamine, Tyrosine, and Dandelion root round out the ingredients list. The first is a mild mood enhancer that should help you keep positive throughout the many frustrations of attempting to lose weight. The second can help you fight off fatigue and also focus more easily. Lastly, dandelion root has the ability to help you cut down through slight dehydration. Be sure to drink plenty of water to counterbalance the negative effects of this!

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2 – Who Should Take Skinny Pills?

Skinny pills are obviously only meant for females. They are especially useful for athletes. They can easily help anyone on a strict diet and exercise regimen however.

3 – How Are They Taken?

Skinny pills are only taken once a day. It’s recommended that they be taken with a meal. Lunch time is also best since it isn’t advisable to take them close to bed time.

4 – Potential Side Effects

Caffeine is addictive and can also lead to upset stomachs. In extreme cases, they can even increase your heartbeat too much. You might also run into problems with the capsaicin and beta-phenylethylamine reacting poorly with existing medication or causing headaches. You should consult with a doctor to make sure you can handle all of the ingredients listed above.

5 – In Conclusion

The ingredients in Skinny Pills are all quite effective at helping burn fat. Only having to take them once a day is also quite simple. But you might find that the ingredients aren’t provided in quite a potent enough dose however.

You will need to take quite a few servings to get the desired weight loss effect.

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