MaxiMuscle Thermobol: Long-Term Fat Burning, but Not Revolutionary

Maximuscle Thermobol is made by Maximuscle, and is their first foray into the fat-burner market. Maximuscle Thermobol is their most popular dietary supplement. It uses a mx of several ingredients that will supposedly help you feel more alert, increase your energy, and help your body burn fat. The ingredients in this formula use a combination of fat burning techniques, including thermogenic and metabolic improvements. You can purchase it online as well as in regular stores for around $45. Maximuscle also makes several other well-known products in the sports supplement industry, and they have endorsements from a lot of successful professional athletes. But will it work for you?

Maximuscle Thermobol Contents Overview

  • Maximuscle Thermobol’s ingredients are derived from herbs, and there is a high caffeine content to give fat-burning energy. The main active ingredient, called Thermodol, is said to make weight loss faster and easier. Some ingredients include:
  • Bioperene (a derivative of black pepper). This revs up the metabolism to burn more fat for energy
  • Source of caffeine; it is a stimulant that gives energy
  • Cayenne extract. A thermogenic ingredient, which helps the body to burn more calories from food
  • L-Tyrosine. Increases mental focus, improves your mood, and gives mental clarity
  • Green Tea extract. Antioxidant and metabolism booster

Pros and Cons of Using Maximuscle Thermobol


  • No bitter or unpleasant flavor or aftertaste
  • Company has a money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Ingredient ratios and quantities are specified
  • Works well when paired with an exercise regimen


  • Has a high caffeine content, so you can feel restless, nervous or jittery
  • More expensive than many other diet products
  • Thermodol can provoke hot flashes

Side Effects of Using MaxiMuscle Thermobol

So far, there are no serious side effects reported from using Thermobol, but people who are sensitive to stimulants like caffeine might experience some restlessness or get the “jitters”. These are the only side effects related to Thermobol usage thus far.

MaxiMuscle Thermobol Product Recap

Many people that have tried Maximuscle Thermobol have reported that that they have seen great results, especially when used with a proper diet and regular exercise. This product has a good blend of ingredients that were mixed together based on good research on how they work to help you burn fat, lower your appetite, and put you in a better mood. It is a perfect product for anyone who exercises and is looking for long term weight loss effects and better fat burning capabilities.

Many users have tried out MaxiMuscle Thermobol and reported that they got good results, especially when they took it along with a low-calorie diet and exercise. It has a blend of the right ingredients for burning fat, lowering your appetite, and improving your mood, based on research. People who exercise regularly and want a supplement to augment their long-term weight loss goals can achieve success with MaxiMuscle Thermobol, but it isn’t for everyone.

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