Man Scorch: Unproven and Gimmicky

man scorch fat burnersThe makers of Man Scorch, a fat burner, claim that their product is proven by science to help increase lean muscle mass and burn fat. It is a popular supplement that is sold in shops catering to bodybuilders and athletes, and it has a lot of notable ingredients. The manufacturers recommend taking Man Scorch with their other diet supplements for more dramatic and rapid weight loss.

Man Scorch isn’t a special proprietary blend, it is actually just crammed full of the ingredients that the makers of this product feel are best suited for fat burning. There also aren’t very clear dosage instructions on this product, either, but it’s likely that you take four tablets per day, based on the number of tablets per bottle. Does Man Scorch really work? Let’s see.

Man Scorch Contents Overview

  • A stimulant that increases energy
  • Improves the metabolism’s thermogenic process of breaking down fat for energy
  • Ginger Root SE Gingerols & Shogaols. These improve metabolism and healthy digestion
  • Supposedly increases fat-burning and suppresses the appetite
  • Raspberry Ketones. A new addition, it adds the fruit smell to the tablets, and is also alleged to break down white fat cells.
  • A mental stimulant and mood stabilizer
  • Isobutyryl Thiamine Disulfide. Improves alertness and reduces stress
  • Increases the thermogenic process so fat is burned for energy for fuel
  • Oolong Tea SE. An antioxidant which is good for overall health
  • Green Tea SE. Helps suppress the appetite, and has also been linked to increased fat burning in the body

Pros and Cons of Using Man Scorch


  • All-natural herbal ingredients
  • Boosts energy and mental alertness
  • Gives good, steady energy, no crash after it runs out suddenly


  • Not much scientific research to back up the manufacturer’s claims
  • Has been tested on animals, not humans
  • Users must also alter their diets and exercise regularly to see results

Side Effects of Using Man Scorch

People who are sensitive to caffeine should be aware that Man Scorch does contain caffeine. Some of the other active ingredients can provoke allergic reactions in some people. Still, there is not much conclusive data to back up or refute claims of negative side effects.

Man Scorch Product Recap

Man Scorch has a lot of interesting items in its ingredients list, but there is a dearth of scientific evidence to support the manufacturer’s claims of ultra-fast and effective weight loss. Those ingredients that have been researched were tested on animals, not humans, so there are still many questions unanswered.

For the most part, this is a good supplement for people that work out; the majority of the weight loss you may experience with Man Scorch will come from changing your diet and exercise habits, not from the supplement. It may help burn off the small amount of fat that will bring you to your goal weight faster. It also claims to help people rid themselves of excess water weight—which brings off a few (temporary) pounds.  It seems more like a gimmick than a genuine weight loss formula.

Try PhenQ: It Actually Works

There are many formulas with odd ingredients, as well as no backing by the scientific community, regarding weight loss supplements. If you are wanting to lose weight, try PhenQ instead. This product is made of goodness that contributes to reduced appetite and ability to store fat, as well as increased energy, metabolism, and ability to lose fat.

PhenQ has been described as a pill for weight loss that is not just an appetite suppressant. Rather, it covers many areas related to losing weight. This is, in part, due to the chief ingredient a-Lacys Reset. This is made by combining Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine, and it is patented. Studies have shown that those taking nothing lose significantly less weight than patients ingesting a-Lacys Reset.

WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, a leader in the business of supplements for over a decade, manufactures and supplies PhenQ. They have stated that if you are not satisfied with PhenQ within 67 days after ordering the product you can receive a full refund (excluding shipping costs). Simply send back your unused pills in the original package within the time frame.

With so little risk, you owe it to yourself to try PhenQ today.