Lipo 6: Unrealistic and Unproven Claims

Lipo 6 is manufactured by Nutrex Research as both a weight loss supplement and also an aid for avid exercisers to build more lean muscle mass. Lipo 6 says that it’s an ”advanced fat loss formula,” which uses a more scientific approach to attacking the six fat receptors that are necessary for burning fat fast and effectively. It comes in a unique liquid-gel form, which allows it to be digested and metabolized more rapidly than a regular pill. It is very popular with exercise fanatics, due to Nutrex’s claims that Lipo 6 targets stubborn fatty areas. This is a new version of this product; the old one contained ephedra, which is now banned, but the new formulation isn’t much different, except for the removal of the ephedra. But does Lipo 6 actually give the fat-burning results you crave?

Lipo 6 Contents Overview

The six main active ingredients in Lipo 6 are important for increasing the thermogenic process, which is essentially boosting the metabolism to burn fat faster. Unlike most fat-burning supplements, Lipo 6’s liquid-gel form is easy to digest and rapidly effective. Some of the ingredients in this product include:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous. This stimulant gives the body energy and increased alertness.
  • Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine). This substance activates three key fat receptor-fighting compounds. It is related to ephedra.
  • Yohimbine HCL. This derivative of a tree bark is an alpha-receptor blocker, blocking all three of them in the fat cells located in the upper thigh area, which helps decrease stored fat in these zones.
  • Coleus Forskohlii. This natural thyroid booster keeps this crucial metabolism-governing gland active during diets, which is a common problem.
  • Helps your body absorb more of the product’s fat-burning ingredients
  • This is Lipo 6’s name for an oxidizing fatty acid called carnitine.

Pros and Cons of Lipo 6


  • This product is very popular, with a great amount of positive reviews by users
  • Not too expensive


  • Highly unlikely that the claim of “targeted” fat reduction actually works
  • Use of synephrine is mostly discredited as a diet supplement
  • Not much scientific backing for the product’s claims

Side Effects of Using Lipo 6

The side effects of using Lipo 6 are mostly related to the product’s stimulant content. People who are sensitive to caffeine or other stimulants should be careful using this product, because it can cause anxiety, a nauseated or upset stomach, and nervousness. Don’t take Lipo 6 at night, or you might experience insomnia. People with blood sugar and thyroid problems should consult and doctor prior to trying Lipo 6, as it can cause instability in the levels of thyroid hormones and blood sugar.

Lipo 6 Product Recap

Nutrex, the manufacturers of Lipo 6, bill their product as being able to target specific stubborn fatty areas. They further claim that Lipo 6 will target the particular areas that are problematic for genders, so women will supposedly find that Lipo 6 helps trim their buttocks and thigh zones, while men will see more fat reduction in the belly area. However, real targeted fat loss like this is not physiologically possible. Reductions in certain areas is normally due to hormonal fluctuations, and fat loss is accomplished all over the body; no patch or diet supplement can pinpoint certain parts of the body accurately. Synephrine, a main ingredient in Lipo 6, is also considered by researchers as not effective for weight loss. Some of the other contents are beneficial for reducing weight, but there is not any scientific proof that Lipo 6 works at all as it claims. Additionally, there have been a lot of negative side effects reported by Lipo 6 users. Because of all of these factors, Lipo 6 is not recommended.

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