Lean System 7: Unproven and Possibly Unsafe

Lean System 7 is a newer weight loss product. Its manufacturers market is as a supplement that aids in fat burning, and should be used along with a balanced, low-cal diet and lots of regular exercise. They also promote it as activating and boosting the metabolic process, using the products 7-Keto ingredient, for which the makers have a patent. Lean System 7 also has a mixture of ingredients that is free of dangerous stimulants, and is touted by the company as being proven as completely safe and effective for weight loss by scientific studies. Will it work for you, and is it everything they say it is?

Lean System 7 Contents Overview

Lean System 7’s proprietary blend of seven herbal compounds are supposed to burn fat fast. The ingredients of the supplement that is available to you locally will depend on your country’s laws regarding supplements. Here are some of the listed contents in Lean System 7:

  • Citrus Aurantium. This ingredient aids in weight loss
  • Dandelion root. This natural ingredient is a powerful diuretic, causing you to shed excess water weight
  • 7-Keto. This synthetic version of a steroidal hormone produced naturally by the body
  • Fucus Nodosus. This is an extract made from brown seaweed, which supposedly targets accumulated belly fat
  • Green tea. Natural substance that is an antioxidant and helps with weight loss
  • Guarana and Yerba mate. Both are natural stimulants, with high caffeine content

Pros and Cons of Lean System 7


  • No Ephedrine
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee, costs $60 for a 120-capsule bottle
  • Many positive user reviews, website advertises that it has been used by more than a million people


  • Has a lot of caffeine
  • Not FDA-approved
  • Has some side effects such as dizziness and stomach pains

Side effects of Lean System 7

The three primary active ingredients in Lean System 7, which are Guarana, green tea and Yerba Mate, are all high in caffeine. Caffeine will boost your energy level, but it can make many people feel anxiety, restlessness, and gives them the “jitters”. Additionally, Citrus Aurantium has been linked to an increased incidence of strokes; when this ingredient is taken along with Coleus Forskohili, you could sustain blood pressure increases and instability. Some users report having experienced stomach pains, diarrhea, and gas.

Lean System 7 Product Recap

Some people do say they have lost weight with Lean System 7, but the high caffeine content is worrisome. Prolonged usage of this product can increase your risk of cardiac problems. In clinical studies, Lean System 7 documents that only around 50% of the users experienced weight loss. Users must take this product and also adhere to a low-calorie diet and exercise regularly.  Lean System 7’s manufacturers do not guarantee that it will help you actually lose weight. Much of the weight loss attributed to Lean System 7 is more likely linked to the caffeine content’s diuretic properties, thus the weight lost was water weight.

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