How Does Body Weight Affect Bunions

Extra bodyweight may lead to changes in your foot posture over time, and this can cause bunions to form.

This means that if you are struggling with bunions, you’ll likely need to work on improving the health of your foot arch in several ways.

Lose Excess Weight

This action can help reduce the burden on your feet, helping to keep your arch from going flat over time. This will also help your bunion to heal gradually.

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Rolling a Golf Ball

This easy process will help build flexibility in your foot and boost the flow of blood. You won’t need much other than a simple golf ball to do this exercise.

Checkout this video for DIY footcare treatments with a golf ball

Bunion Correctors

Special splints or a corrector can help you relieve any pain that your big toe is experiencing. These devices work to separate the big toe from your other toes, which may help you to reduce the tension in your big toe.

Check out this Big Toe Bunion Corrector for Pain Relief

Towel Scrunch

Work on arch strengthening exercise like the towel stretch so that you can develop more strength in your arches.

Simple video explaining how to do towel scrunch for your feet’s heath

Stretch the Calf

Tight muscles in your calf can slowly lead to flat arches as time goes by. Work to stretch out the calf muscles regularly to loosen up any tightness.


Insoles will help give you extra support if you have flat arches. Be sure that you purchase a pair of insoles that are sturdy enough to help keep your arches from flattening when you walk.