Hot Rox Extreme: Too Hot or Not Hot Enough?

Hot Rox ExtremeAccording to its manufacturer, Hot Rox Extreme is the best fat burner out there. Hot Rox Extreme is a weight-loss supplement which supposedly burns fat fast, mainly by increasing the thyroid’s hormone production and stimulating the body’s metabolic rate.

It does not have ephedra as an ingredient, so it doesn’t eventually lose effectiveness with time and prolonged use.

It is mainly known as a body-building supplement rather than for actual weight loss, but can and will this product help you lose weight safely and effectively?

Hot Rox Extreme Contents Overview

The formulation of Hot Rox Extreme uses MDX Complex, which is a special blend of A7-E, guggulsterones, and Sclaremax. All of these substances increase thyroid hormone production and therefore increase your body’s metabolism. However, the guggulsterones in Hot Rox Extreme are not pure, and as such are less effective than other formulations. Other ingredients include:

  • This stimulant is a common ingredient in weight loss formulas
  • Coenzyme B6 . Assists in metabolizing fats and carbs
  • This substance assists in conversion of stored fat into usable energy
  • Acetyl L-tyrosine and 5-HTP. Potentially mood-altering substances
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps burn fat stores

Hot Rox Extreme Pros and Cons


  • Relatively inexpensive: $35 for a 100-capsule bottle, a 50-day supply.
  • No ephedra


  • Includes caffeine, but no exact percentages, so individuals who are sensitive to caffeine need to be careful
  • No money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Lots of negative user reviews
  • Ingredient listing incomplete and does not give ratios/amounts of each ingredient

Side Effects of Hot Rox Extreme

Caffeine-based weight loss supplements will always cause side effects; these are increased in those with caffeine sensitivity. These side effects can include anxiety, stomach pain and nausea, and headaches. Some people experience dizziness, heart palpitations and jittery.

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Hox Rox Extreme Product Recap

Hot Rox Extreme was really developed for those who want to build more lean muscle mass and body builders. People who simply want to lose weight should probably avoid Hot Rox Extreme. The caffeine content is worrisome, so users should always avoid taking this product prior to sleep. Hot Rox Extreme has no published clinical studies, so claims that its formula is superior to all others is not proven.

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