Ephedrasil Hardcore: Too Hardcore and Untested

Ephedrasil Hardcore is made by the same manufacturers that make Ephedrasil, both of which are weight loss supplements.  Ephedrasil Hardcore has two different stimulant ingredients, as well as a mood-enhancing substance. The three combined will supposedly jump-start your weight loss by increasing your metabolism and improving your state of mind, too. But does it work? Let’s evaluate this product and find out how it really compares.

Ephedrasil Hardcore Contents Overview

Ephedrasil Hardcore’s primary ingredients are a combination of mood-enhancers and appetite-suppressing compounds that will improve your state of mind as well as decrease your desire to overeat, while it also increases your metabolism to induce fat burning. Ingredients listed include:

  • Vitamin B-12. This well-known vitamin is used by bodybuilders all over the world, to give energy. It is also combined with caffeine.
  • This is a potent appetite suppressing compound that enables you to control your food cravings and lower the chances of overeating over time.
  • This compound improves your memory, concentration, and mental cognizance. It is frequently used in diet pills and in holistic remedies.
  • Chromium Polynicotinate . This natural appetite-suppressing compound is found in many diet pill formulas.

Pros and Cons of Ephedrasil Hardcore


  • Uses green tea extract, which is beneficial for burning fat.
  • All listed ingredients and ratios are found on bottle label.


  • They are pretty expensive, averaging at about $79 for a 120-capsule bottle, which only lasts approximately 30 days.
  • As it is a new formulation, Ephedrasil Hardcore doesn’t have a lot of customer feedback or reviews.

Side Effects of Ephedrasil Hardcore

Ephedrasil Hardcore is named appropriately. Its high quantities of caffeine and B-12 would be difficult for a diet pill “beginner” to tolerate. Even if you are accustomed to using stimulants, it would be wise to cut out caffeine and perhaps sugar. Side effects from such stimulants include heart palpitations, headaches, increases in blood pressure, mood swings, and even a dependence upon the pills for emotional functioning.

Ephedrasil Hardcore Product Recap

Ephedrasil Hardcore is a powerful weight loss supplement, but it has some disturbing qualities. Mainly, it is too strong for most people, and can have a large number of disruptive side effects. Also, it can be habit-forming, and long-term usage of substances that are mind-altering and induce dependency is not recommended nor safe. This is a more controversial supplement because of these facts. A more safe and balanced approach to weight loss is recommended by nutritionists, and if you want to use a weight loss supplement, use one which is proven as save and effective, and is not habit-forming.

Choose a Diet Supplement that is Safe and Strong: Phen375

Ephedra is a powerful weight-loss supplement, but the laundry list of side effects is daunting. Also, this drug is mainly an appetite suppressant; enduring weight loss entails more than a temporary fix like this. There is a better way to lose weight, though: Phen375.

Phen375’s main ingredient is Phentemine, which is manufactured in FDA approved labs that is available over the counter. It has all the weight-loss benefits of Phentermine, without the negative side effects. However, Phen375 is more than just Phentemine!

Phen375 has four other major ingredients that help to speed up metabolism, burn more fat faster, build lean muscle mass faster, and even decrease your ability to store excess fat! These are not herbs or natural remedies, they are chemicals synthesized under strict laboratory conditions to be as potent and concentrated as possible. Pharmaceutically-produced cyclic AMP enzyme boosters, such as 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, and a Sympathomimetic Amine, LongJack Tongkate ALI, and Capsaicin-1.12 will help you lose the weight and keep it off. Without the prescription, without the side effects!

Give Phen375 a try. It is around $3.80 per day to use, which is reasonable for a top-notch product like Phen375. All you have to lose is the weight!