Ephedra and Phentermine Based Slimming Pills

It is no hidden fact that more and more individuals are becoming overweight each year. This is the reason why companies who manufacture weight loss aids are such a huge success nowadays. The immense variety of slimming pills makes it difficult for the average individual to identify the particular brand which will suit him best as well as something which does not have any unsafe effects.

Ephedra and Phentermine375 based diet pills are two of the leading varieties. Both of them work towards the same goal. However, they differ in the way that they promote weight loss among overweight individuals.


This diet pill used to be available over the counter. People who used this were able to achieve quick weight loss results but after having been proven by the FDA to cause numerous unhealthy side effects, it was banned in the market.


These diet pills can be taken over the counter without the need for a doctor’s prescription. Almost always, a Phentermine pill like PhenQ may also has caffeine as well as green as its ingredients. It boosts the metabolic rate allowing the body to burn more fat stores and expend more calories.

The use of slimming pills should be done under the supervision of a qualified health professional. This is to ensure that the anti-obesity drug does not cause any serious or life threatening effects on the person taking it. For safety and health’s sake, an overweight individual is better off with observing a proper diet and exercising regularly and in order to slim down.