Body Mass Index: A Primer

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a number used to estimate an individual’s body fat. It is calculated from the total weight and height and is a reliable indicator of how fat an individual is. When screening people for possible health issues as a result of weight issues, Body Mass Index is used. BMI is not perfect but it is the most accurate assessment of fat in the body. It provides a more accurate degree of

The internationally accepted BMI classifications are 18.5 to 25 as healthy BMI, 25 to 30 as overweight, while 30 and above is obesity range. In addition to BMI, waist circumference is also used to estimate the degree of one’s excess weight. Waist circumference is measured just above the hips. a waist circumference of 35 inches is considered normal for women while for men, 45 inches and less is regarded as normal. Also, BMI of less than 18.5 is considered underweight and may require a doctor’s advice to determine whether it is a result of some underlying medical condition.

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When these two figures are compared, they provide a clearer picture of a person’s health risks associated with weight issues. Thus, you may then take appropriate steps to reduce the health risks.

It’s worth noting that BMI is just a single facet that gives insight to a person’s health. There are a couple of other factors that are used to determine the health of an individual. Needless to say, if your BMI is within a healthy range, it doesn’t automatically suggest that you are 100 percent healthy. You may still be exposed to other risks that come with inadequate exercise and unhealthy eating, even though your BMI is within healthy limits. Likewise, you may be healthy yet your BMI range is in the ‘unhealthy’ range. If this is the case, you need not worry provided your eating habits are healthy and you practice regular exercise.

If you want to find out your health situation based on weight, your first step is to determine your BMI. Use a BMI calculator to determine your BMI by inputting your weight (in pounds) and height (in feet or inches) measurement. Hundreds of websites provide this functionality, so just measure your height and take the reading of your weight on a measuring scale and enter the figures in the appropriate fields.

Seek a suitable course of action (typically professional medical advice) if your BMI is not within normal ranges, either below 18.5 or above 30.

You can reduce your BMI with the use of supplements like PhenQ and others.

Lose Weight At Home The Lazy Way

Do you want to lose weight but do not have the time or the resources to join in any weight loss activities outside your home? Well, don’t lose hope because weight loss can still be done right at the comfort of your home. It would be less expensive, less effort from yourself, and you can simply incorporate it into your usual routine at home. With the help of a balanced diet, a simple exercise machine, and a relaxing body massage, you can shed off pounds by just staying at home and doing not much work. You still have the time to watch your favorite television shows or take a nap if you want to.

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Why the Kitchen is the Starting Point of Your Weight Loss?

A published study in the Obesity Magazine stated that only 20 percent of weight loss relies on the activity level while an individual’s diet takes 80 percent. In order to lose weight effectively, it is vital that you should know how to eat properly at home. Eating properly means you are eating a balanced diet that includes lean meat, complex carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables. Calorie intake is not a priority but portion control is.

There should be changes on how you stock up food in your kitchen. You should take healthy measures to ensure that losing weight at home will be a success for you.

Do a kitchen inventory

Check the food supplies that you have in your kitchen. Start with your fridge towards the pantry. Assess whether a certain food will help you in losing weight or not and throw away those that you found unhelpful.

Hold on to the fruits and vegetables

These foods are full of water which can make you feel fuller for long term and still lose weight every time you eat them. This is supported by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Stock up only nutrient-rich foods

Buying only nutritious foods will help you attain your weight loss goals easily even if you just stay home.

Why Family Support Matters?

It would be hard to follow a healthy diet plan when your family members don’t eat like you. When people around you are not eating healthy foods, chances are you will be tempted to just discard your dieting efforts to have a slice or two of that fatty pizza that your family is enjoying in front of the television. If you can’t influence them to eat only foods with lots of nutrients then you let them be. Don’t give in to the pressure of eating what others eat knowing that these will sabotage your diet. Be a positive influence to others by enjoying your good health.

Family and friends can help you achieve your goal of losing weight according to a research study done at the annual conference of the American Heart Association. A healthy goal can be achieved substantially if the family and friends work together. By just having people on your side can make a big difference in your weight loss effortlessly. You can participate in an online support group that shares the same vision as you and invite family members and friends as well.

Why Invest on a Vibration Machine?

People want to go to the gym to keep their heart pumping. If you cannot do that regularly due to limited time or you found gym membership too expensive, you can get a whole body vibration machine instead. Based on a Forbes Magazine published study, vibration machines may be as effective as a treadmill in enhancing your bone strength and help you shed weight. The inclusion of a vibration machine in your weight loss activity may help combat the negative effects of diabetes or obesity. According to research, just 20 minutes of vibrating platform use done daily in 90 days can provide the following health gains:

  • Reduced fat in the liver and stomach.
  • Increased osteocalcin protein levels that strengthens the bones.

A whole body vibration machine works by transmitting energy into your body that compels your muscles to contract and relax continuously all through the entire process without you doing anything. It helps you improve flexibility, stimulate blood flow, burn fat, build strength, reduce the amount of the stress hormone cortisol, and increase weight loss. Vibration machines are perfect for busy people who only have limited time in pursuing their weight loss efforts.

How Massage Helps in Your Home Weight Loss?

Massage can be a powerful tool for weight loss because it can increase blood circulation in the body. It offers various benefits for overall health.

  • It helps with nutrition and muscle flexibility.
  • It improves the body’s resilience.
  • It supports positive mental health.
  • It helps you recreate and relax mentally and physically.

Based on a study published by the National Institute of Health (NIH), stress may have a strong relationship with obesity because the more a person is stressed, the more he or she eats to calm down. Massage is beneficial to weight loss because it immediately makes many slight changes to the body.

  • It removes the stress out of your body and system.
  • It improves the circulatory system.
  • It lowers the risk of injury.
  • It encourages healing.

Compared to exercise, massage is a lot easier to do by those people who want to remove excess weight the easy way right at the comfort of their home. It promotes weight loss by relaxing the nervous system and bringing the body into a restorative condition. With exercise, you will end up with muscle pain that can possibly disrupt your good workout plan. While with massage, your muscles will be stimulated to release carbonic acid and lactic acid – the same elements released through a good workout – but with shorter recovery time.

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Losing weight in the comfort of your home is not impossible to achieve as long as you have the right tools to do so. Adapting a healthy diet, using a whole body vibration machine, and getting a massage is the easier and effortless ways of losing extra weight without spending much.

Home weight loss is perfect for lazy or busy people.

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Speed Up Metabolism For Quick Weight Loss With These 10 Fat-Burning Foods

People have a love-hate relationship with fat. They love eating foods high in fat but they hate what it does to their body. Fat can easily make you gain weight but it is very hard to lose. Many people struggle with excess weight and try various ways to shed the fat to achieve a fitter and good-looking physique that they want.

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So What Can You Do Exactly to Lose Weight Naturally

Getting into shape when you’re already overweight or obese takes a lot of work. You will need  the help of health professionals to start a weight loss program that will be suitable for you. This is why, watching what you eat is very important because of the more high-caloric and fatty the food you eat, the higher the chance of weight gain.

Going into extreme diet and depriving yourself of the necessary nutrients that your body needs to function daily is not healthy and will be hard to maintain. The chances of failure are high and you might end up gaining more than what weight you initially have.

So, why starved yourself to death when you can simply eat the right fat-burning foods? Yes, you read it right the first time. Fat-burning foods really exist! They are delicious not awful as other food choices that some health experts promote. These 10 fat-burning foods listed below will speed up your metabolism to help you lose weight and will not leave you lethargic, tired, and craving for food the entire day.


Oatmeal is a fat-burning food that should be a staple to the diet of a person who wants burn fat and shed pounds. It is naturally low in calories and fat and rich in fiber. Oatmeal is the perfect form of slow release carbohydrates because it continuously fuels your body even hours after consuming it. The soluble fiber in oatmeal mixes with water when eaten and covers the stomach lining which makes you feel satiated for a long time. When you feel full for a longer period you will eat less and will get only fewer calories. In addition to fiber, oatmeal also contains iron, zinc, folate, and B vitamins.


This fruit has the ability to break down and dissolve triglycerides in the blood before they can be absorbed as fat in the body. Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and pectin fiber and it has only less than 100 calories. The pectin fiber in the fruit reduces your appetite significantly and keeps you full for a long time.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is known for its health benefits and the wild salmon variety is one of the most effective when it comes to burning fat in the body. Wild salmon is full of amino acids, minerals, and protein that help the body in several ways. Protein stimulates lean muscle buildup and boosts the body’s metabolism. The Omega 3 fatty acids found in wild salmon also increase the metabolic rate of the body and commands the fat-burning enzymes to burn more body fat.


Avocados contain natural fats and oils. Some people avoid eating the fruit due to the presence of fats and oils that they believed are very high in calories. The truth is, the fats and oils in avocados: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, are healthy and can help in weight loss. They can boost the metabolism of the body and can be used as energy immediately rather than stored as body fat. This fruit is rich in antioxidants but high in calories. You should only take enough amount of calories that you can burn off to avoid storing the excess calories as fat and gain weight.

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This is one of the most underestimated fat-burning foods in the whole world. The truth is, they are more than just fancy foods in parties, they are extremely helpful in growing muscles and losing body fat. Oysters were proven to aid in increasing testosterone levels because they are high in zinc. An increased testosterone levels can boost metabolism and muscle mass. Oysters are extremely low in calories with an average of fewer than 10 calories found in every oyster.

Lean Meat

Protein-rich lean meat is another fat-burning food that has the ability to increase the metabolic function of the body to shed excess weight. It supports the growth of lean muscles that also use more calories to keep itself in shape. Aside from protein, lean meat is also a good source of natural minerals.

Chicken Thighs

Most people who want to drop weight prefer chicken breasts than chicken thighs because they believe the latter to be full of fat. The truth is, it’s the chicken skin that contains high fat, not the meat. To get the fat-burning benefits of chicken thighs, choose the skinless chicken thighs. This chicken part is almost free of fat, much tender, and more delicious than the breast. It also has the same minerals and vitamins that are usually found in chicken breasts.

Hot Chili Peppers

Chili peppers are naturally spicy due to the compound capsaicin. Capsaicin once eaten can increase the body temperature which needs more energy. Due to this demand for more energy, the metabolism of the body has to work more efficiently and burn more calories. The chili peppers are also low in calories and are a rich source of minerals and vitamins.

Whole Eggs

There’s a misconception that the high cholesterol content of egg yolks is bad for the health which is why many people only eat the egg white. What they don’t know is that the cholesterol in whole eggs is the healthy HDL cholesterol that reduces the bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body. Whole eggs are full of healthy fats that can speed up metabolism and command the fat-burning enzymes to convert more fat into energy. This kind of fats is used immediately by the body as energy and does not accumulate as body fat.

Natural Green Tea

It is not actually solid food but a beverage that has incredible fat-burning properties due to the presence of a powerful antioxidant EGCG. Epigallocatechin Galatea or EGCG has been proven to increase the metabolic rate of the body. Add to that the caffeine content of green tea and you will get a double dose of metabolism-boosting elements from a cup of a delicious beverage. To get the utmost weight loss benefits from green tea, experts advise drinking 5 cups to burn 200 calories each day.

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Find a Phentermine Weight Loss Clinic Near You

Weight loss products keep flooding the market nowadays. With so many options to choose from, you will find it difficult to decide on what is best for you. Infomercials feature celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and ordinary people who claim that they had achieved their weight loss goals with the help of weight loss pills, shakes, and pre-packaged meals. These products can either be administered on their own, with the supervision of doctors, or a weight loss clinic.

Their claims of success might be true but it does not guarantee that you will get the same result especially when you’re obese. Some people take Phentermine for a short period when traditional diet and exercise cannot melt those stubborn, excess fats away. This is the most prescribed weight loss medication in the US today. Yet, people are still uncertain on how they could buy Phentermine as this is something that you can only buy with a prescription.

What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is not a miracle pill that can help an individual lose weight by taking it alone. It is not a pill that will magically work on melting your fats and burn calories while you sleep or watch television. You will have to work hard to see remarkable results. And hard work means doing regular exercise and sticking to a healthy diet! Phentermine helps you follow a healthy eating habit because it reduces hunger and cravings. It also gives you an energy boost to maintain a more active lifestyle.

How Does Phentermine Works?

The pill Phentermine works by suppressing hunger and cravings as well as increasing your energy levels. As a hunger suppressant, Phentermine commands the brain to enable the release of neurotransmitters through stimulation of the adrenal glands. The neurotransmitters give a fight-or- flight response when you are faced with an exhilarating or dangerous situation. They trigger dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine to be released thus reducing cravings and hunger. People who take Phentermine will feel satiation quicker than those who do not take it.

Phentermine increases energy levels that will enable you to do more physical activity. By stimulating the fight-or- flight response, Phentermine prompts adrenaline release which can improve your chances of dealing with situations that call for physical strength and energy. More blood goes to your muscles and your lungs get filled with more oxygen making you ready to react as you like to these situations.

However, Phentermine is not for everyone. People who have medical conditions like glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, hyperthyroidism, epilepsy, or prostatic hypertrophy cannot take it safely. Even women who are planning to get pregnant or already pregnant are strictly advised to avoid Phentermine. It is not also recommended to those individuals who use MAOI inhibitors or have a history of drug abuse.

Where Can You Get Phentermine?

In the past, you can buy Phentermine online but this is no longer possible these days. You will need a doctor prescription if you want to start taking it. This means that you have to consult a doctor personally who will determine if you can take Phentermine based on your health condition. You might find doctors online that can prescribe Phentermine however, you can only go to pharmacies to purchase it. Since Phentermine purchases have been strictly controlled nowadays, you cannot buy it online. What you will find instead are Phentermine alternatives. In case no doctor will give you a Phentermine prescription, your next option will be to look for a Phentermine weight loss clinic near you.

How a Phentermine Weight Loss Clinic Helps

Weight loss clinics can also prescribe and administer Phentermine that will help you start your weight loss goal. They have a safe environment and trained staff members to track patient’s progress. Although Phentermine is FDA approved since 1959 for its effectiveness in obesity treatment, it is still a controlled substance that is habit-forming and can cause severe side effects.

Severe side effects include chest pain, shortness of breath, swollen ankles or feet, very high blood pressure, thumping heartbeats, extreme sadness or happiness, and irritability or confusion. Taking Phentermine can also cause these common side effects:

  • Hyperactive or restless feeling
  • Sleep problems
  • Constipation, diarrhea, or upset stomach
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth or dry mouth
  • Impotence or decreased libido
  • Dizziness, headache, or tremors

Weight loss clinics can help you avoid severe side effects because they have doctors who may have specialized training for obesity management and any other health issues related to obesity. Prescribing weight loss medications is also a part of their weight management programs thus you have a higher chance to get Phentermine once they found you fit enough to take it. A doctor at the weight loss clinic will conduct tests and review your medical history in order to decide the length of your Phentermine treatments which range between 3 – 6 weeks.

By opting to receive treatment from a phentermine weight loss clinic, you will get help from professionals to counteract the side effects of Phentermine. Responsible administration of this medication can also reduce potential addiction with frequent use. The doctors and the support staff can monitor the Phentermine dosage and adjust it accordingly. Additional supplements can also be prescribed to enhance the effect of Phentermine.

Phentermine cannot do all the work for you so you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle that can help in weight management. You must be emotionally prepared as there will be challenges that can make it difficult for you to achieve weight loss success for the long term. The weight loss clinic medical professionals can help you stay on course with your weight loss goal by providing nutrition training, counseling, motivation, and emotional support. These things will help you keep off lost weight

If after running necessary tests and checking your medical history the weight loss clinic doctor will find that you are not fit to undergo Phentermine treatment, they will recommend suitable alternative weight loss program for you.

It is important that you do a research online, ask some past clients, and call the Phentermine weight loss clinic prior to your first appointment to know if there would be hidden charges. You don’t want to drive for hours to attend an appointment then found out later that you will be paying a lot than what you expected.

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