Buy Cheap Fentermina In Mexico and Colombia

Are you looking for cheap sources of Phentermine in the US? Phentermine is a weight loss drug that is widely prescribed for obesity treatment. It is called Fentermina in Spanish and usually marketed in Mexico, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. Fentermina helps you lose weight by quelling hunger pangs. Unlike other weight loss medications, … Read more

Kaizen Ephedrine HCL: The Dangers of Using It

Kaizen Ephedrine HCL is marketed as a weight loss product, but it is really a strong bronchodilator and nasal decongestant that has active ingredients including ephedrine hydrochloride. This ephedrine compound produces a prolonged production of adrenaline in your body, which in turn boosts your energy levels and causes you to not feel hungry, while you … Read more

Noxycut: No Weight Loss and Not for Everyone

Noxycut is an unusual product that burns fat, but it also claims you will not lose a single pound, because for each pound of fat you may lose, you should also gain the equivalent weight in muscle! That’s right, Noxycut will not cause you to lose weight. The formula supposedly works through a mixture of … Read more

VPX Meltdown: Unproven and Nothing New or Special

VPX Meltdown is made by VPX, which is also the maker of several other diet and nutritional supplements and juscle builders. VPX Meltdown specifically is supposed to be one of the company’s higher-powered fat burners, which protects and promotes the body’s natural fat-burning ability. The company’s site states that it also has a synergistic effect … Read more

Dyma Burn Xtreme with Ephedrina: Strong but Unproven

Dyma Burn Xtreme with Ephedrina was designed to burn fat and reduce your appetite. The secret, supposedly, is in the Ephedrina, which is a derivation of ephedra, a natural stimulant that can have dangerous side effects. It is inexpensive, currently priced at $16.99 for 100 pills, and they do have a money-back guarantee—but is it … Read more

Do You Get What You Pay for From 365 Day Diet Pill?

365 Day Diet Pill certainly looks attractive, based on its cost alone, but is it worth even its inexpensive price? For less than $80 per year, 365 Day Diet Pill purports that its time-release formula, which is patented, is an effective appetite suppressant and fat burner that keeps working throughout the entire day. However, does … Read more

Acai Plus Extreme

Acai Plus Extreme is a powerful weight loss pill that uses all-natural components, like Acai berries, Guarana seeds, Chromium Polynicotinate, and green tea. According to the literature, this mixture of ingredients is a formula that can burn fat, increase your metabolic rate, give users more energy, and burn off more calories faster. Supposedly, the all-natural … Read more

SlendeSlim: Worth Considering, But Not Ideal

SlendeSlim’s makers advertise their product on their website with this phrase, “Can you imagine losing four to seven pounds effortlessly?” It’s an alluring claim, especially since the manufacturers do not say you need to exercise or stick to a low-calorie diet in order to get the benefits of the product. Surprisingly, SlendeSlim backs up their … Read more

Metabolean: Even Its Own Manufacturer Doesn’t Stand By It

Metabolean is a weight loss supplement that has actually been discontinued by its manufacturer, despite the fact that it was pretty popular—no reason has ever been given for why they pulled it. However, a lot of wholesalers have supplies of Metabolean available for sale. Metabolean doesn’t have many advertisements anymore due to its discontinuation, but … Read more

Fenphedra: Deceptive Name and Unverified Results

Fenphedra says it is a “high performance weight loss formula,” but it only includes a few mild stimulants in its formula, which are blended with a mood-enhancing substance that purports to improve the user’s feelings of well-being. They apparently believe that have found the key to the pesky problem of long-term weight loss, which is … Read more

Adipril: Does It Work?

Adipril is a weight-loss formula that has six ingredients with patents, which is initially impressive until you examine it more closely. This supplement was designed for one thing: to help your body burn fat. The label claims that its “revolutionary thermogenic formula” will help you lose up to ten pounds in a week’s time. It … Read more

Metabo Extreme: All-Natural, but Not Always Effective

The makers of Metabo Extreme claim that it is the most extreme product around to burn fat and help you lose weight. It has all-natural ingredients so it is supposedly safe, and promotional material foquotes a 98% success rate for its users. It says it has “triple strength,” although there is no other product they … Read more

Fastin: New, But Not Improved

Fastin is a weight loss and fat burning formulation that is currently available over the counter. Its manufacturer claims that it induces rapid thermogenic action, burning lots of fat fast, and that it also enhances and improves the user’s mood. Bear in mind, this is a new formula of Fastin, not the old version that … Read more

SlimKick Chilli Diet Pills: Okay, but Nothing Special

According to the manufacturer, SlimKick Chilli Diet Pills are a natural diet supplement; it contains the kinds of ingredients that safely boost the body’s metabolism and help you to lose weight. Chili peppers are one of the main ingredients in SlimKick Chilli Diet Pills; chilies are natural, safe and proven to kick in the thermogenic … Read more

Phenphedrine: No Evidence and Doubtful Effectiveness

In the chemical battle that rages in our brains to lose weight, the good guys (CART) fight against the bad guys (NPY). Phenphedrine’s makers claim that this product helps spur on the CART reactions, giving you more energy, more fat burning, and more suppression of your appetite. Supposedly, Phenphedrine also inhibits the action of NPY … Read more

Hot Rox Extreme: Too Hot or Not Hot Enough?

According to its manufacturer, Hot Rox Extreme is the best fat burner out there. Hot Rox Extreme is a weight-loss supplement which supposedly burns fat fast, mainly by increasing the thyroid’s hormone production and stimulating the body’s metabolic rate. It does not have ephedra as an ingredient, so it doesn’t eventually lose effectiveness with time … Read more