Cabbage Soup Diet

If you’re trying to lose weight, there is a good chance you came across the Cabbage Soup Diet. It’s a diet that consists of consuming a soup made with cabbage as the main ingredient. However, not everyone makes the soup the same way. Some recipes call for different ingredients, such as onions, sliced carrots, and assorted seasonings to give the soup a lot more flavour.

Is It Cabbage Soup Diet Helpful?

If you’ve recently heard about this soup diet, you may have read some reviews from people who’ve managed to lose up to 10 pounds while following it. Although it’s possible to lose 10 pounds by consuming only cabbage soup for a set period, the weight people are losing is water weight, and they’re not getting rid of the unwanted fat.

The purpose of the diet is to keep you feeling full a lot longer so that you’ll be able to burn those extra calories. When this diet was first planned out, the soup consisted of only cabbage. However, changes have since been made to the recipe over time, and some people are now adding brown rice, shreds of meat, and other low-calorie foods in the mix. By adding a few extra ingredients, it’s easier to stick with the diet for a longer amount of time because it’s not as plain as it once was.

The old version of the diet isn’t so healthy because people were only consuming cabbage for several days at a time. The new version is much more feasible because it contains other ingredients that provide protein as well as essential vitamins and nutrients.

The Advantages

The advantages of this diet include quick weight loss. Anyone who chooses to follow this diet will be able to consume as much of the cabbage soup as they’d like.

The Disadvantages

Some people feel weak when they’re following this diet, and it’s probably because their bodies need to adjust. It’s not a long-term solution, and the weight that is shed is mostly water weight, so it’s going to be easy for you to gain it back when you start eating normally again.