Phenterfein: Expensive, Lots of Side Effects

Phenterfein has a unique mixture of ingredients, which makes it stand out from all the other diet pills for sale right now, according to its manufacturer. Many of its ingredients are featured in other diet supplements, so it could be effective, but the first thing you notice about Phenterfein right away is its price. Dosage … Read more

Dyma Burn Xtreme with Ephedrina: Strong but Unproven

Dyma Burn Xtreme with Ephedrina was designed to burn fat and reduce your appetite. The secret, supposedly, is in the Ephedrina, which is a derivation of ephedra, a natural stimulant that can have dangerous side effects. It is inexpensive, currently priced at $16.99 for 100 pills, and they do have a money-back guarantee—but is it … Read more

HydroSlim Liquid Fat Burner: Safe, but Slow, Weight Loss

HydroSlim Liquid Fat Burner is a powdered weight-loss supplement that can be mixed with water, so you drink it rather than having to swallow pills. The biggest advantages of HydroSlim are its ability to increase energy levels, which assists in weight loss by boosting your energy levels and burning fat. The formula’s ingredients help you … Read more

Acai Ultra Burn: Is Acai the Weight-Loss Miracle it Claims to Be?

The Acai Ultra Burn diet pill is a weight loss supplement that is comprised of superior, concentrated Acai berries; these will supposedly improve your health as well as detox your system and help burn fat, resulting in weight loss. The manufacturers claim that they use only the best Acai berries in this formula, ensuring the … Read more

Thermolean: Nothing New or Different

Thermolean is a supplement for people who aren’t happy with their rate of weight loss. It’s for those who are eating a healthy, low-cal diet and exercising regularly but are still not seeing the results. This is not a “miracle pill,” it is a supplement to your already-healthy diet that improves on what you’re already … Read more

Ephedrasil Hardcore: Too Hardcore and Untested

Ephedrasil Hardcore is made by the same manufacturers that make Ephedrasil, both of which are weight loss supplements.  Ephedrasil Hardcore has two different stimulant ingredients, as well as a mood-enhancing substance. The three combined will supposedly jump-start your weight loss by increasing your metabolism and improving your state of mind, too. But does it work? … Read more

Size Zero Pill: DANGEROUS

According to the marketing and advertising for Size Zero Pill, you can take this supplement and look like a celebrity in your size-zero dress. This pill might actually bring your weight down, but it also very well might do you extreme harm in the process, and could even cause fatal side effects! The actual medically-approved … Read more

True Fuel Energy: Unproven and No Miracle

True Fuel Energy is a diet supplement designed for those who would like to develop better and more defined muscles quickly. It’s a helpful tool for getting toned, lean muscle mass and boosting the mood, too. True Fuel Energy can help get a health plan on the “right track” if it is used properly. Take … Read more

Does Avesil Do What it Says, or Is it All Hype?

Avesil suggest you can have fast and safe weight loss without any effort using their product, backed up by no less than 284 published studies!  It seems that Avesil adopt a free trial offer, we are not keen on these as there are always hidden costs. Avesil will start to auto-bill you $89.95 every month … Read more

Do You Get What You Pay for From 365 Day Diet Pill?

365 Day Diet Pill certainly looks attractive, based on its cost alone, but is it worth even its inexpensive price? For less than $80 per year, 365 Day Diet Pill purports that its time-release formula, which is patented, is an effective appetite suppressant and fat burner that keeps working throughout the entire day. However, does … Read more

Brazilian Diet for Men: Nothing Special Here

The Brazilian Diet for Men is an all-natural fat burning formula that is designed specifically for men. It reports that it is effective for burning fat and increasing energy. It has lots of Acai berry, which is an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to boost your metabolism, helping the body to burn more … Read more

SlendeSlim: Worth Considering, But Not Ideal

SlendeSlim’s makers advertise their product on their website with this phrase, “Can you imagine losing four to seven pounds effortlessly?” It’s an alluring claim, especially since the manufacturers do not say you need to exercise or stick to a low-calorie diet in order to get the benefits of the product. Surprisingly, SlendeSlim backs up their … Read more

Venom Hyperdrive 3.0: Not Proven, No Guarantees

Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 is supposedly the most effective, strongest fat burner and energy booster available, according to its manufacturer—a claim made by many others before. They say Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 is the best due to its unique, proprietary blend of different ingredients. Can someone lose weight with this supplement and have more energy by taking … Read more

Acai Plus Extreme

Acai Plus Extreme is a powerful weight loss pill that uses all-natural components, like Acai berries, Guarana seeds, Chromium Polynicotinate, and green tea. According to the literature, this mixture of ingredients is a formula that can burn fat, increase your metabolic rate, give users more energy, and burn off more calories faster. Supposedly, the all-natural … Read more

Lean System 7: Unproven and Possibly Unsafe

Lean System 7 is a newer weight loss product. Its manufacturers market is as a supplement that aids in fat burning, and should be used along with a balanced, low-cal diet and lots of regular exercise. They also promote it as activating and boosting the metabolic process, using the products 7-Keto ingredient, for which the … Read more

How to Purchase Phentermine at a Low Price

The internet has become a place where almost everything can be done. And buying health supplements is no different. In fact, people who want to lose weight can now choose from various websites that offer slimming pills and other weight loss aids. An example of this is the Phentermine diet pill which is quite popular … Read more

Black China Labs EPH Hardcore: A Bad Gamble

The EPH Hardcore weight loss formula is manufactured by Black China Labs, and it is advertised as being the most powerful fat burner on the market right now. Supposedly, if you want to lose fat fast, this is the pill for you. However, if you have never used a weight loss pill before, this might … Read more

Adios Max: Say Adios to Pounds? We Don’t Think So.

Adios Max is a stronger version of Adios, an herbal diet aid that is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. The basic difference between the two is that Adios Max has more of the active ingredient, which is fucus extract. The Adios Max version is a bit more expensive, but it is still inexpensive. This … Read more

Metabolean: Even Its Own Manufacturer Doesn’t Stand By It

Metabolean is a weight loss supplement that has actually been discontinued by its manufacturer, despite the fact that it was pretty popular—no reason has ever been given for why they pulled it. However, a lot of wholesalers have supplies of Metabolean available for sale. Metabolean doesn’t have many advertisements anymore due to its discontinuation, but … Read more