Black China Labs EPH Hardcore: A Bad Gamble

The EPH Hardcore weight loss formula is manufactured by Black China Labs, and it is advertised as being the most powerful fat burner on the market right now. Supposedly, if you want to lose fat fast, this is the pill for you. However, if you have never used a weight loss pill before, this might not be the right pill to take, since it is specially formulated for those who have used strong fat burners before, or who can deal with the effects. EPH Hardcore will bring fast results, according to Black China Labs. However, is it safe for anyone at all? Does it do what it is supposed to do? Let’s examine it and find out.

EPH Black China Content Review

Black China Labs EPH Hardcore lists this supplement’s ingredients as being a proprietary blend of white willow bark, ginger root, green tea extract, L-tyrosine, and L-Carnitine. We know this is 100mg of the formula’s dosage, but it also includes the following natural ingredients:

  • Bitter Orange. Billed as being similar to ephedra, a natural stimulant that has been documented as causing dangerous side effects, will increase the body’s metabolism.
  • This is an appetite suppressant that is often used in natural weight loss formulas.
  • Theobromine HCL. This is a compound that is very similar to that of caffeine, and it serves as a diuretic.
  • Guarana Extract. This natural ingredient has a high level of caffeine, which boosts energy
  • Sida Cardifolia Extract. This boosts the body’s metabolism.

Pros and Cons of EPH Hardcore by Black China


  • Increases alertness and mental focusing abilities
  • Suppresses the appetite


  • Has ephedra, which can be dangerous
  • Black China doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee
  • Has a high caffeine content.

Side Effects of Black China Labs EPH Hardcore

Common side effects of taking this formula include nervousness, insomnia, restless feeling, and other effects related to caffeine. The ephedra content is worrisome, because high doses of ephedra can induce heart attacks, seizure, strokes and even death. Do not exceed the recommended dosage of EPH Hardcore.

Black China Labs EPH Hardcore Product Recap

This product is labeled as being “hardcore”, and it is in fact hardcore. It is not for those who are not accustomed to stimulants, and anyone who has a known sensitivity to ephedra or caffeine should not use EPH Hardcore. However, you will probably lose weight with this product if it is taken as directed, because several of the ingredients have been proven to boost metabolism and reduce appetite. It is not backed by any scientific studies, so any results are purely anecdotal.

Why Phen375 is a Better Choice

Instead of taking a gamble with a formula that includes risky ingredients and isn’t backed by any scientific data, try Phen375. This product contains ingredients that are clinically proven to help burn fat and build lean muscle mass, reduce your body’s capability to store fat, give you energy and increase your metabolism, all while reducing your appetite.

The main ingredient in Phen375 is Phentemine, a formula similar to the powerful weight-loss drug Phentermine, but without the bad side effects. Additionally, the formula contains several other ingredients which are known to be safe and effective for weight loss. All of the ingredients in Phen375 have been synthesized in laboratory conditions and are pharmaceutical-grade in their purity and concentration, so you know you are getting top quality for your money.

For less than $4 per day, you can get all the benefits of Phen375, without any worries about heart attacks and strokes! Try it today, you have no reason to say no.