Adios Max: Say Adios to Pounds? We Don’t Think So.

Adios Max is a stronger version of Adios, an herbal diet aid that is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. The basic difference between the two is that Adios Max has more of the active ingredient, which is fucus extract. The Adios Max version is a bit more expensive, but it is still inexpensive. This formula supposedly speeds up the body’s metabolism, in order for it to burn a higher number of calories. The package instructions actually advise using Adios Max in conjunction with a low-calorie diet, which is a responsible tactic. However, despite this good advice, does Adios Max do what it claims: burn fat faster and better?

Adios Max Product Content Overview

Adios and Adios Max’s main ingredient is Fucus Dry Extract. Fucus is a substance that is derived from a certain kind of seaweed. Adios Max has almost three times more Fucus Dry Extract than the normal Adios formula, 120 mg compared to only 45mg.

  • Fucus dry extract. This substance is obtained from a kind of seaweed, fucus, commonly called Bladderwrack. Fucus was the original source of iodine, which is used to treat thyroid conditions and gout. It can elevate the blood pressure and increase circulation, and can stimulate an underactive thyroid gland, which is a common reason for being overweight.

Pros and Cons of Adios Max


  • Inexpensive
  • Recommends a healthy approach to weight loss through diet and exercise, supplemented by Adios Max, which is a natural ingredient.


  • Individuals with thyroid problems need to consult a doctor to ascertain whether it will influence their condition negatively.
  • No real evidence that fucus will increase metabolism or energy levels
  • Only available in the United Kingdom

Side Effects of Adios Max

People with thyroid problems should consult a physician prior to taking Adios or Adios Max, since the elevated iodine content of fucus extract can affect the thyroid. Additionally, some people experience allergies to Adios and Adios Max if you have any sensitivity to seaweed or kelp.

Adios Max Product Recap

The main ingredient in Adios and Adios Max is a derivative of seaweed called Fucus Dry Extract. This substance is beneficial in stimulating the thyroid, which can elevate metabolic rates, but can actually be harmful to those who have overactive thyroid glands. Also, this product has not been reviewed by researchers, and there is little to back up their claims that fucus alone can help burn more calories. The way this product works is likely attributable to a user following a sensible diet plan and adding regular exercise to their routines, which is how normal weight loss is attained, anyway, without any supplement!

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