72 Hour Diet Pill

A cheap diet pill that delivers rapid weight loss in a short time? Sounds too good to be true, and it is. 72 Hour Diet Pill promises you will lose twelve pounds within a seventy-two hour time span, plus it only costs about $10 a bottle. The bottom line is that this product is yet another pill that uses caffeine as its main ingredient. This means you will likely only lose water, not fat, and the weight loss will not last.

72 Hour Diet Pill Contents Overview

The main ingredient listed in 72 Hour Diet Pill is, in fact, caffeine, followed up by diuretic substances. This is a common tactic used by “fat burners” that promise rapid weight loss.

  • Boost’s the body’s energy level temporarily, as well as improving alertness.
  • Dandelion Root. This natural ingredient has lots of vitamins, fatty acids and some minerals.
  • Ginger Root. Improves heart’s pumping function.
  • Potassium Gluconate. Lowers blood pressure.
  • Juniper Berry. Increases output of urine and protects against urinary tract infection.
  • Buchu Leaves . Functions as a diuretic.

Pros and Cons of 72 Hour Diet Pill


  • It is very inexpensive, only costing about $10 for one bottle


  • Many of the ingredients are powerful diuretics, so the majority of weight that would be lost is most likely water
  • Has high amounts of caffeine
  • No scientific evaluation

72 Hour Diet Pill promises fast acting fat burning and increased energy levels, with a guaranteed weight lose of 12lbs within just 72 hours. The retail price of 72 Hour Diet Pill has been significantly reduced from $49 to now only $9.99!

72 Hour Diet Pill Side Effects

Although the individual ingredients listed in 72 Hour Diet Pill aren’t likely to have serious side effects, people that have sensitivity to caffeine could find they feel “jittery” or have elevated heart rates. Also, the diuretic ingredients in this formulation will definitely cause an augmentation of bathroom trips!

72 Hour Diet Pill Product Recap

Although the 72 Hour Diet Pill is inexpensive and has no dangerous ingredients, losing twelve pounds in 72 hours is not recommended. This kind of weight loss is probably always water, and such rapid fluctuations of body weight can be dangerous. There is no scientific evidence proving that the formula works, either. Making unrealistic claims, even if the product is inexpensive, isn’t acceptable.

A Better Choice: Phen375

Nutritionists and physicians will tell you that weight loss should not exceed 1-5 pounds per week, to avoid dangerous consequences. Also, you should rely on ingredients which are produced under laboratory conditions and have been clinically proven to induce safe, steady weight loss. What diet pill can deliver all this? Phen375!

Phen375 is based on the powerful weight-loss drug, Phentermine, which has been re-formulated and manufactured in FDA approved labs as completely safe for weight loss. Phentemine375 is a clinically-proven weight loss ingredient that, when combined with other ingredients such as cyclic AMP enzyme boosters, like 1,3-Dimethypentylamine Hydrochloride, 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine, and a Sympathomimetic Amine, LongJack Tongkate ALI,Capsaicin-1.12. These are pharmaceutical-grade ingredient produced in a lab, and they have been proven to help people lose weight at a reasonable rate.

Try Phen375 for less than $3.80 per day, and discover how you can achieve that long-term weight loss you’ve always dreamed of, but never thought possible!